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‘Customer Support’ and ‘After Sales’ service are the key to growth and future development of businesses in this age of cut-throat competition. Thanks to modern-day technology, there are several tools now at the disposal of business owners, that they can make good use of, to serve their customers and in extension, further their business opportunities. Live chat system is one such too, which can prove very effective catering to your customer queries and concerns.

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a system which enables you to provide live support to your customers who visit your website. It is similar to talking to someone on the telephone and in real-time, except that in this case it is online and using text. In short, when a visitor visits a particular website and feels the need to communicate with an employee of that site/company, he/she can click on a small window that is present on their web page. This opens up a chat option and they get instantly connected with an agent of that company who can provide immediate solutions, support or assistance that the customer may be looking for.

Advantages of using the Live Chat System

  1. Communication:

A lot of companies lose customers for the sole reason that they do not communicate with their customers. To keep an open channel of communication with your consumers is imperative for the health of your business because unless a client knows how to easily reach you with their problems, they will not be able to express their concerns. This will lead them to simply quit using your service and switch to somebody else.

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  1. Immediate Customer Support:

If a consumer is facing any concerns with your product, they would most likely prefer to have somebody handhold them while they goes about fixing it. A live chat system gives you that opportunity to instantly communicate with your customers and provide necessary solutions, giving the seller and consumer relationship a more wholesome dimension.

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  1. Increase sales:

Live chat can also help keep a track of traffic on your website. This opens up immense possibilities of tapping into sales and growth opportunities. Conversion rate through live chats are much higher than simply providing details of your website in black and white. This is a platform for you to convince customers and show them the benefits of using your products/services, which they might otherwise miss out on.

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Ways to improve your customer’s Live Chat experience

  • It is important to have an icon/logo for a live chat on your website that is conspicuous and easily spotted by a customer. If an already disillusioned customer has to spend valuable time looking for an inconspicuous icon that will connect them to somebody who can help, it will only add to their frustration.
  • You need to keep the flow of communication steady when chatting with a customer. A long pause in the middle of chats are like dead ends for them and will only make them feel more lost and irritated.
  • It is good to have 24×7 Support on live chat so that customers log in to the live chat module and communicate at their convenient time. If they find nobody available to solve their concerns, this could give the impression of gross negligence of etiquette on your part and in turn prove negative for business.
  • Asking for customer feedback on live chat can give your customers a positive impression about your company and its services. And getting feedback from customer works to your advantage as such feedback allows you to predict your company’s health and gives you ample opportunities to make amends wherever the services are reported to have slipped. This prevents the slow erosion in the foundation of a company and elongates the life of the company in the market.
  • If you personalize the chat and treat the customer as a friend, it immediately puts them at ease. Take ownership of the situation and probe with the right questions, though try not to ask too many questions at once. This will only put the client in more distress.

Today with the coming up of organisations who specialise in live chat, it is a good idea to outsource to live chat operators. The chat support process outsourcing can ensure all the right methods are followed while your customers are being handled.

With the increase in customer demands, paying minute attention to customer service is of utmost importance. In such a pressure situation, a smart move would be to outsource to live chat operators who can take better care of this section of your business, allowing you ample room to focus on other technical aspects. Syrow is one such operator that comes equipped with just the right tools like Omnichannel Customer Support System to help you with a 360º support process on Customer Support as a Service [CSaaS] model. Syrow’s chat, email, phone and social media support system can help you maintain optimum customer loyalty.

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