It’s time to welcome the customer reviews trend that’s transforming the landscape of businesses.

Here are the figures that tell you exactly why:

  • 70% of buyers refer to online reviews before ordering online
  • Nearly 79% of customers trust online product reviews over personal testimonials

And an eye-opener…

  • 80% of potential buyers have changed their minds based on a negative online review, after deciding on a particular order

That’s the influence online customer reviews have on today’s businesses and brands.

Hence, here are 8 methods to score well online and add to your happy customer base:

1.  Discounts and Deals

Every customer loves a good deal. Even if the saving is as little as $1 If your buyer is a housewife or a youngster operating on a limited budget, introduce regular discounts to these consumer segments. Value deals via multi-packs or large saver-packs are true incentives for sale and good customer reviews. Follow up with loyal customers who are guaranteed to give positive reviews with personalised emails. It’s perfectly fine to request a happy customer for a testimonial. Make your email content individualistic and special, rather than seeming like a mass survey.

2.  Customised Packaging

Some latest research tells us that businesses that understand the value of high-quality packaging experience a 30% rise in consumer interest. It also points out that many customers value the packaging almost as much as the contents! The psychology behind this revolves around the fact that when an individual orders an item, he or she expects whatever is received (unless it’s the wrong product totally!). But outstanding packaging can add an element of surprise which overshadows the excitement of receiving a particular product. Plus packaging has now evolved beyond the average brown carton to emerge as being creative, personalised, attractive and even environmentally safe. Businesses are also including personalized notes and gratitude cards within their packaging layers. Delighted customers are not only posting positive reviews but also accompanying these with selfies and hashtags.

3.  Exceptional Customer Service

Knowledgeable, helpful and polite customer service is like a breath of fresh air for most consumers. If your customer service team is able to resolve an issue in one phone call, one email or a single chat session, you can be assured of favourable customer reviews. Outstanding customer service can get you repeat customers and a loyal customer base. If you are unable to spend time or money on getting a sound customer service team together, opt to outsource this service to a customer service partner. Don’t postpone till later. Your ideal customer service partner should be experienced at knowledge transfer and be available via multiple mediums such as chat, mail, social media and phone. Even if you have a minimal customer base, you need this now as every customer matters.

4.  Social Media Visibility

Being on social media means easy accessibility for your audiences. They can interact with you, express their opinions, get clarifications and of course, give good reviews. So, get on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and be interactive. Never ignore feedback, good or bad. Being approachable and easy to communicate with can transform your company perception. It also portrays you as a transparent organisation who sells products or services that can be trusted.

5.  Using Technology

Technology takes responsiveness to the next level. While social media is ideal for reactive action, data analytics, automation and insight-driven marketing can work wonders behind the scenes. You can analyse preferences and target specific audiences. No more spamming and wasted marketing efforts. Technology also offers self-served mechanisms or opportunities for customers to interact with your brand when they desire. As soon as you are reaching the right buyers and keeping them happy, you will be flooded with positive customer reviews.

6.  Superior Product or Service Quality

Well, here’s an obvious truth which we feel obliged to mention. The most basic criterion of securing a good review from a satisfied customer is to deliver a sound product or service. That takes care of most of the problem. Once a quality product is in place, it’s easier for your packaging, customer service, shipping, delivery partners to support and complement it.  Analytics can assist in product improvement as well so you may use it to refine your offerings.

7.  Review Management Tools

When customer reviews are shared online, you should be the first one to know! Then its up to you to respond, resolve, erase or share it.  To detect customer reviews, Google Alerts, Syrow CSAT and Syrow NPS alerts are the good tools as its the most popular review tools. Social Mention tracks social media reviews and supports your reports with aspects such as Passion, Sentiment, Strength and Reach. There are industry specific review management tools such as Reputation Health for the Healthcare and Medical industry. The Smart Moderation AI tool can not only track but also kill negative comments on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.  It’s not the ideal solution but it really helps when there is a crisis and negative news starts spreading online like wildfire.

8.  Interactive Contests

Contests are incentive-driven customer review tools that work well. You can introduce prizes for a “complete the sentence” contest or one for the best Instagram post with your product or packaging. Contests give an air of fun and creativity to your brand and make your current customers play a role in building it. That makes them feel special and connected to the brand.

With the rising importance of customer reviews, there are a host of ideas to boost your positive online reputation. We’ve chosen the top 8 merely to give you an insight. But we can also help you with more….

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