Syrow™ uses Deep Learning to improve Operational Efficiencies.

Differentiate yourself by providing excellent Customer Service.

We deliver excellence and committed to Spread Happiness.

Customer Support as a Service (CSaaS) from Syrow.

SYROW – World’s Best Customer Care Center

Syrow offers a complete suite of Customer Care Services for you to take the First Step towards Business Excellence. Syrow’s customer care center works on behalf of its clients, to manage their tasks efficiently using quality processes & services.

By adopting a research-led approach, Syrow equips organizations with powerful insights that can transform the way they perceive business challenges. Our teams consists of domain-specific experts who can help companies develop innovative strategies in order to compete and win in the industry segment they operate.

AI Powered

Artificial Intelligence powered software system that assists the Customer Support executives to handle calls, chats and emails more meaningfully.

360º Dashboards

Complex technology made simple. Our system will Collect, Analyze, Match, and Offer the automated reports. Build Today for a Solid Tomorrow.


Voice Analytics

Technology behind Realtime Voice Analytics makes us to understand Customer mood much better. Based on Customer tone we can up-sell, cross-sell, and increase their loyalty.


Visual Support

Individuals are more connected with visual world through their smart phones. Think how much faster one could solve issues if they see the problem. Mobile cameras can provide a complete view of the situation, Customer Service Executives can view, pause, highlight/mark to guide, and come to a resolution more efficiently than ever before.

Virtual Reality Support

Consider the difficulties encountered when a Customer needs help in Virtual Reality World. Troubleshooting over the phone, chat, or email won’t be possible in Virtual Space. Only AR/VR interaction solve this problem, by having Customer share what they are seeing/doing with Customer Service Executive, that allows to guide through the Virtual World better.

Syrow BrandLabs

Syrow is not only the voice of Brands, we do support Brands to track their Customer Engagement through our extensive platform. Companies can monitor their Net Promoter Score [NPS], Customer Satisfaction [CSAT] levels as well the Customer Engagement through Email, Chat, and Social Media channels. Syrow BrandLabs provide tools to track and measure the metrics that are more important for an Organisation to deliver incredible Customer Service in a fraction of the time.


Our Services

Benefits of using Syrow

Experienced Workforce: Our team has the right knowledge and skill to handle your Customer queries.

Professional Call Handling: Our team is trained with the right behavior and etiquette to provide a great Customer eXperience.

Quick Resolution of Escalations: We provide resolution to escalations with short turnaround time adhering to the Client SLA’s.

Timely Updates for Decision Making: We help you to get timely updates for decision making that significantly supports business.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: We enhance Customer eXperience “inside-out” by being the human face of Business.

Significant Cost Savings: We account to significant cost savings by providing effective solution at affordable price.

We received a call from a customer appreciating the quality of the call-centre support that he had used on multiple occasions. His exact words were that even though he had called many times, and spoken to different persons, they had all answered well and courteously and served him very satisfactorily. Thank you Syrow.

Ananth, Founder,

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