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24hr Chat Support

Live Chat service provide real time interactions to get customer’s queries and issues resolved by an Syrow team instead of the long wait queues for a response through the Company’s traditional communication channels. But maintaining chat support services can eat into the management time and costs, that’s where outsourcing 24/7 Chat Support can be hugely beneficial, enabling you to focus on your Core Business Activities.

We at Syrow deliver instant technical and nontechnical Chat Support to your customers through live 24/7 chat. By outsourcing Chat Support services, you save costs on recruitment, training, infrastructure and other.

Quick Enquiry

    How does live chat support work?

    Online Chat support services come along with a) Website service as add-on b) WhatsApp chat c) Social Media chat. When the customer wants to interact with the Company they will interact over chat. This initiates the live chat session with a customer care executive of Syrow, who provides real time answers to the queries of the customers and answers their queries / resolves their issues in real time.

    Benefits of using Live Chat Services

    • Quick resolution : We provide quick resolution to customer queries and adhere to the clients SLA’s to exceed customer expectations.
    Low hold time : Each chat is taken within the first couple of messages, giving your customers instant access to support with friendly and patient Syrow support team.

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