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The term ‘customer delight’ is a relatively new one. It reminds us of the phrase ‘job satisfaction’ when it was coined.

No one really knew or cared about job satisfaction a decade or so ago. But as soon as we discovered that such a thing existed, we also realized that many employees rated job satisfaction higher than salary. That was an eye opener for many…

Customer delight could be more important than the profits you’re making.

It’s natural for businesses to focus on their bottom line and many do. However, it’s ones who focus on their customers that are the long-term winners.

According to Dennis Snow, top business author, the most effective way for new businesses to carve out a market for themselves or compete well, is by focusing on customer experiences.

And just to establish one fact – Customer Delight is not like Customer Satisfaction. It is one step above when you exceed a customer’s expectations.

So, here are some ways in which you can ensure that your customers are delighted at all times without much effort from your side, using an outsourced customer support team.

1) Make your Customer Feel Valued

Being made to feel special or valued is a universal plus point. It’s important to not only value your customers but also their time and opinion. You need a customer support team that is able to deal with and resolve an issue swiftly.

Instances of making customers wait for hours to speak to an agent or a customer who is required to repeat his or her issues to multiple customer support agents are deterrents. It takes trained professionals to speak respectfully and courteously and only a technically sound system can keep track of customer cases. Also, most customers prefer to be spoken to in their own language. Hence, a multilingual customer support team is ideal.

2) Communicate with Customers

It’s always healthy to keep communication lines open in every relationship. It’s the same with customers. The minute a customer purchases a product/service; a two-way communication path should be established via multiple platforms. If a problem is raised, it needs to be responded to immediately. All positive and negative feedback should be accepted and used for betterment.

3) Personal Touchpoints Across Channels

Some customers like to communicate with more than chatbots. A few prefer to communicate via social media channels while the rest prefer to dial a number and talk. To delight your customer, you should be available at all possible touch points with an omnichannel support system! Having Chabot and a Toll-free number is basic. But its when they get immediate responses for their Emails, WhatsApp or Facebook Messages, that’s when it can get quite delightful. But, make sure to be consistent.

4) Educate Customers

Offering information and tips on how your customers can utilize the products/services they’ve bought, shows extra care. A knowledgeable customer support team will be able to transfer their know-how to your customers, who gain immense value from your products/services. Ebooks or Informative Emailers or just a Call that begins with “Dear Sir/Madam, did you know that your new purchase could also be used for…” can boost customer delight to great heights! It’s a win-win situation even for you.

These educated and delighted customers automatically act as salespeople on your behalf. They may also post videos or write articles using your products/services in the way that you have taught them to ☺.

5) Respond Quickly

When you’re busy with your core business activities, it’s not always easy to be prompt in addressing customer issues. But that’s how it should be. Every customer concern should be taken seriously and dealt with as an emergency. A resourceful customer support team will ensure that all your calls and chats are duly answered within the first two rings or within five seconds after a chat request. Similarly, an email should be replied within 15 minutes or maximum by an hour.

6) Constant Improvement

Today, a fully equipped customer support set-up is technologically advanced enough to track data and calls in an attempt to screen every customer interaction. This is done towards knowing exactly where improvements can be made in keeping customers happy. Organizations, especially smaller ones may not possess the required systems and processes to put this activity in practice. But the key to optimum customer delight is to constantly improve on past mistakes and aim to take your customer service to the next level.

Outsourcing this function, therefore, may be the way to secure consistent customer delight without taking a lot of effort!

Syrow – The customer service partner who can delight your customers!

Syrow is one of the top Customer Service Outsourcing companies in India, that offers a complete suite of Customer Care Services for you to take the first step towards Customer Satisfaction and Business Excellence.

Our customer care center works on behalf of clients, to manage Calls / Chats / Emails / Social Media Messages / WhatsApp or Slack Messages efficiently using quality processes & services. By adopting a research-led approach like NPS and CSAT scores (Net Promoter Score and Customer SATisfaction scores), Syrow equips organizations with powerful insights that can transform the way they perceive business challenges.

Our teams consist of domain-specific experts who can help companies develop innovative strategies in order to compete and win in the industry segment they operate.

For guidance or services for your customer service requirements, contact us today. Our teams are waiting to hear from you.

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