If you’re a Start-up company or a Mid-Sized Enterprise thinking about outsourcing your customer service department, you are not alone! You will be soon in that popular pool of varied companies gaining multiple benefits that outsourcing brings with it for a variety of functions.

For SME’s, initial teething problems can be thwarted and overhead costs can be saved up to almost 60%. That’s a considerable saving, especially when you are in the nascent steps of your growth path. When every penny counts and each decision matters.

However, though call centre outsourcing in India is an obvious decision, selecting the right outsourcing partner can be tricky, especially for the purpose of client or customer service.

Typically Telecom players, E-commerce companies, Travel & Hospitality organisations and other customer-centric entities tend to outsource this job. For most, their customer service division is the key to their brand, customer base and overall, company progress.

So, here is a list of 7 points to help you decide which outsourcing partner is going to handle your business and what attributes they should be offering. This vital decision could literally make or break your organisational goals.

1.  Round-The-Clock Service

Many companies aim for a global client base but even if yours is as local as desi chai, there can be no downtime in your customer service. In fact, it’s during holidays that sales peak and many opportunities present themselves. Indian e-commerce players in the online furniture, music and food delivery sectors made 6 times the normal amount of business in the last holiday season.

Hence, for best customer service solutions for Startups, outsourced partners should be aware of consumer behaviour during all holidays (there are quite a few in India!) and be well equipped to handle the pressures of the season, with no breaks. It is also preferable to associate with an outsourcing company that offers 24-hour support, 7 days a week.

Tip: This usually works with outsourcing companies who work on a shared platform basis. They have a revolving resource base that doesn’t dwindle during peak periods.

2. 100% Knowledge Transfer

It takes some time to make the decision to outsource your customer services and then to select the right outsourcing partner is another time-consuming process. By the time you have locked in on the right outsourcing company that fits your needs, you are ready to begin the work. Most e-commerce companies approach their outsourcing partners in a somewhat urgent manner. Under these circumstances, it is imperative that the outsourcing company you have chosen is able to pick up the mantle in the quickest possible time and launch your services almost immediately. Hence, quick and in-depth knowledge transfer is the need of the hour.

Look for professionals with domain expertise and the ability to begin work within 24 hours of signing the agreement. This will ensure a seamless transfer and will not disrupt your running business. A sound outsourcing company also conducts regular training sessions to upgrade skill levels and keep resources motivated.

3. Multi-service and Technologically-abled

Your customer service outsourcing partner should be proficient in various modes of customer support. Inbound call centre services, Tele-calling, email support, call centre outsourcing, chat support process outsourcing and communication via social media constitute customer service support for enterprise startups. They are also the best ways to handle customer concerns and queries. Tele calling services for business is usually utilised for the purpose of resolving issues, payment matters, feedback, to inform customers of upcoming offers and discounts.

A technologically-enabled outfit is able to track calls in real time, access past calls immediately, and generate metrics to assist accounts. The ability to collect, analyse, compare data to enhance functions and improve on progress should be included.

As a client, you should be offered the means to monitor your Net Promoter Score, based on your online presence. Customer Satisfaction and Customer Engagement need to be tracked in order to offer real-time solutions in minimal time.

4. Affordable Rates and Packages

It is understood that as an SME, you may not have millions allocated towards your outsourcing needs. In fact, it is most cheaper to outsource Customer Service, which is why many organisations don’t opt for setting up and maintaining internal teams. The right outsourcing company should not only offer excellent service but should also be affordable.

A good call centre outsourcing company would usually charge on the number of calls (per day) that you expect, rather than charging your the same as someone whose business requires a higher call rate.  Select the partner that offers you personalised packages that take into consideration your unique needs and requirements.

5. Impeccable Communication and Multilingual Capabilities

As your brand ambassadors, your outsourced customer service team should be well- versed in the required domain knowledge but being polite, articulate and possessing the ability to communicate in at least 2 or 3 languages is imperative. The primary language should be English, followed by fluency in local languages and dialects.

Your customers’ preferred languages ought to be communicated to your outsourcing teams at the onset. This is vital, yet often underestimated aspect of customer service. Language, tone and resolution techniques are key to the highest levels of positive customer reviews and customer delight.  Quick resolutions to escalate matters with the shortest turnaround time maintains the highest standards of customer service. Timely updates and responses, on the other hand, support your business and brand.

6. Transparent and Trustworthy

One of the concerns many organisations have with outsourcing is the sharing of crucial information with an external agency. A way to deal with this is to hire an outsourcing company that believes in transparent processes and systems.

All customer calls and chat transcripts should be made available for you to access at any time. Every piece of communication to your customer base should be approved by you.

A good outsourcing company works hand-in-hand with your teams towards the same goals and vision. That unity is important for any business to succeed.

7. Location

You may wonder what location has to do with an outsourcing unit! But the fact is that outsourcing companies located in technology or business hubs tend to hire top resources due to competitiveness. It’s a good trick to weed out the best from the rest.

Strategically located BPOs also boast of more prestige client lists owing to which, high professional standards are ingrained in their organisational structures.

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