Why are so many companies uneasy with the thought of outsourcing their customer service? Is it entirely due to bad past experiences or general misconceptions?

Negative experiences are difficult to undo but if the reasons holding you back from utilising third-party expertise are based on certain preconceived notions, you’re not alone.

But don’t allow these to deprive you of outsourcing benefits.

We put together a list of common myths surrounding outsourcing, in general, with an attempt to offer the real picture.

Here it is!

# Myth 1: Outsourcing means losing control!

Outsourcing does involve some ‘letting go’ but it cannot be based on blind faith and trust. It is therefore important to choose an outsourcing company that is equipped and experienced.

Keep in mind that the primary reason to
outsource is to lessen the burden on a single
team and utilize ready-to-consume expertise.

Most top outsourcing companies work on automated systems that enable tracking and monitoring in real time. There are no secrets or hidden operations taking place. It’s all open, transparent and trustworthy. Data will prove the effectiveness of the outsourcing company within the first few weeks.

Look for customised solutions that suit your purposes. Know that this is possible. In fact, the better you brief and direct your outsourcing company, the easier it is for them to serve you.

# Myth 2: Outsourcing is expensive!

On the contrary, one of the main reasons leading to the popularity of outsourcing is the reduction in costs. For example, outsourcing your customer service needs will turn out to be much cheaper than developing your own internal customer service team. Hiring, training, managing, technically-enabling takes time, effort and money. BPOs with full-fledged teams of highly trained customer service professionals with domain expertise and skills such as multilingual abilities and conflict resolution are available today at reasonable prices.

There are customised packages for varieties of customers so you can choose one that suits you.

If you’re a Start-up or a Mid-Sized company,
outsourcing is the way to go! It will cut your
initial set ups costs and relieve you off
all kinds of stress.

# Myth 3: Outsourcing is meant only for large-sized businesses

Speaking of SMEs, the BPO market is dominated by them. Do not hesitate to approach an outsourcing company too early in your launch plans. Functions such as customer service are vital even with a small customer base. Positive reviews and recommendations from this group will multiply your list. In fact, outsourcing makes more sense for smaller outfits than for bigger corporations that have adequate budgets to set up their own internal departments.

Even if your brand is new and unheard of,
every buyer today expects customer care
services. This one aspect alone can make or
break your brand.

# Myth 4: Outsourcing takes time

Time is money! Who knows this better than a company starting up or launching a new product, brand or service? Involving an outsourcing company to the mix seems like another task and a waste of time. But due to the pace at which BPOs are evolving and improving each day, you can find one that can be met, signed on and undergo rapid knowledge transfer to begin work in a couple of days. It’s a competitive market and efficiency always wins!

It naturally takes lesser time and effort, to
brief the outsourced team who got domain
knowledge and in-depth experience. So, find
one and get started!

# Myth 5: Outsourcing companies employ unskilled employees

Owing to a few outsourcing companies in India that may have fallen short in employee selection and training, the image of all local BPOs seems to have been tarnished. Today, the market is dynamic and as mentioned before, very competitive. Technology can keep track of all calls, messages, chats, and emails in real time, making it difficult for outsourced customer service teams to cover up their mistakes or shortcomings. Customer reviews and feedback appear on social media as the related experiences are occurring!

This has forced outsourcing companies to up their game. Most top outsourcing companies have stringent entry qualifications. After which, they undergo training organised by the company.

Regular workshops and feedback sessions are
designed to keep quality levels high. High
quality and exceptional standards are what
keep BPOs alive in this industry.

# Myth 6: Outsourcing companies don’t care for me and my business!

A good outsourcing company trains its teams to treat every client’s business as their own. Due to the higher level of responsibility that BPOs now claim over end results, ownership is easier and possible. For customer service agents or advisers to excel, they need to represent the brand and own the product or service. It’s a technique that works towards better results and positive customer feedback. This ownership is expressed in the tone, words and mode of communication the outsourced team uses with your customers. With the kind of quality customer service that exists today in India, it’s often difficult to decipher between a company employee, a customer service agent or a bot!

To sum it up, due to the many ups and downs the Indian BPO industry has experienced over the years, there is some residual negativity.


But the facts are that today, Indian BPO’s
handle 56% of the world’s business
outsourcing. The sector has advanced
considerably since 2001 and keeps getting

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