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In these times, the first step to enhancing a positive CX is, of course, to go digital.

When your target customers, offerings, competitors and communities are all in one place (ie: the internet), it makes it easier to target, track, respond, evolve and measure CX. Added to which, using the latest online tools and technology are proving to be beneficial to businesses – both, B2B & B2C. They result in easy purchasing, seamless customer support and optimum customer experience. 

Let us understand exactly what digital commerce or digital transformation is and how its changing the way we do business. 

Digital Commerce

It would be safe to say that every step of a digital transformation has been triggered by the online customer. Businesses are changing their operational or workflow models, marketing strategies, and customer support programs according to what the modern consumer prefers. This makes digital commerce a valid and proven move.

The other aspect of digitization is the utilization of intelligent data to automate and propel every aspect of business.

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Simplicity and efficiency are the two primary tenets on which digital commerce develops.

How does Digital Commerce boost CX?


a) By making it personal

The availability of customer data places businesses in an advantageous position. The best websites or online shopping apps are the ones that are able to predict their customers’ wishes and cater to them proactively. Easy navigation, multiple choices of products and quick, safe payment gateways lead to happy customers.

Some businesses go that extra mile by offering personalized product packages, discounts or tailored notifications using Beacon technology.

b) By giving many choices

There are many ways to define happiness but a popular explanation suggests that when people have a wider set of choices, they tend to be more pleased. On the other side, a limited set of choices can lead to stress.

Digitization takes the idea of multiple options to the next level.

Consumers may choose which device they are more comfortable with, websites that they prefer, product lists that appeal to them, payment gateways that are convenient and omnichannel customer support platforms to guide them. Such unified platforms enable customers to reach out to companies via chat, audio or video call, email, social media and Whatsapp. They can choose whether they wish to deal with queries in real time through chat or call, in a public forum, or by raising a ticket.

c) By offering content

Those businesses that have realized the benefits of value content are successful in keeping their customers hooked.

The newer forms of content please every sense, via video, audio and augmented reality-based creations that inform, entertain and amaze customers towards brand loyalty.

High quality content also works well for search engine optimization so your potential customers are able to find you easily. To begin the customer journey with ease, is the best way to kick start a favourable customer experience.

d) By making it convenient

Technology delivered via the digital medium is designed to make purchase decisions and processes easy for consumers.

Top brands are investing in offering at-home user experiences utilizing AR technology. Areas of home of office interiors, clothing and shoes, beauty and make-up and even travel companies are elevating their customer experiences and boosting their sales.

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Convenient customer support uses AI chatbots to handle most common questions and then hands over complicated matters to human agents. Offering information in the form of FAQs, blogs and tutorials is another way to ease into positive CX.

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