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The classic communication debacle of using a ‘no’ over a ‘yes’ spans across human interactions. The purpose of a ‘no’ however remains the same – to express assertion, gain respect and take back the charge in a conversation. However with customers, the art of saying ‘no’ needs to be mastered well in order to create great and desirable customer experiences. 

In this blog, we will identify those times when ‘no’ works better than a ‘yes’ in a customer interaction and more importantly, the best way to deliver it to customers: 

Here’s how it’s done!

1) Ask for details and listen carefully

Unless you have heard the entire customer story with all your attention, you are not in a position to say ‘no’! So, when a curious or disappointed customer approaches you, the most effective strategy is to hear the customer out in detail. Ask questions, express empathy towards their problem/s and take notes if you must. Once you have listened to and understood what the customer wants, you are in a better position to say a ‘no’.

2) Always give options

In customer support, there’s nothing worse than a dead end ‘no’! The last thing a stressed individual wants to hear is hopeless rejection with no solution in sight. The right way is to state “No, I’m sorry we can’t offer you that right now. But it’s a good idea! I will share it with my manager. So, instead I can offer you so and so solution…”.If you are unable to give an effective solution/s at that time, don’t say ‘no’ unless you have one!

Inform the client or customer that you will look into finding the best solution to his or her problem, and get back as soon as possible. After which, don’t forget the customer, his problem or your promise to return with a solution.

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3) Be honest and explain well

To keep your customers happy, always be honest regardless of any situation. Customers appreciate honesty over all else. Often in a situation where you’re laying down the truth, you may need to say ‘no’ to some customer suggestions or demands.

Apart from offering a solution that meets the customer halfway, explain the reason for your ‘no’. Do it in a sympathetic manner and with the right attitude. Don’t get defensive or aggressive. A ‘no’ does not need to be expressed in a harsh manner, though it’s considered a negative word.

4) Express in a positive manner

 If you find that the word ‘no’ may not be received well in your interactions use phrases such as “I am afraid I am unable to…..” or “Unfortunately, we don’t have that particular feature” or ” That may not be possible but i can give you …..”. 

Also, a good trick is to make the customer feel special for presenting a suggestion that is currently not being offered. Thank them for their feedback and tell them their ideas are valued.

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 All these tips are sure to boost your customer experience levels! Try outsourcing your customer support process for even better results!

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