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VoC solutions are the latest and most efficient way to gauge a customer’s experience with your brand. Companies around the world are relying on the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to know exactly what he or she feels, thinks and is saying via every channel of communication.

An omnichannel customer platform can be used to gather true to life customer impressions captured during phone calls, emails, social media messages and chats. These have proven to highly beneficial and can even be collected via interviews, consumer surveys and polls.

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Let’s find out exactly how VoC solutions are boosting customer experiences:

1) Map Customer Journeys

The buyer journey is of interest to every business or brand. Being aware of what a customer feels or experiences at every point in the product awareness or decision making process, offers the brand an upper-hand. Marketing strategies and messaging is defined based on the customer journey and its nuances.

In customer care, VoC solutions can pin point customer perceptions for easy resolutions towards better customer experiences. Every bit of feedback results in logical metrics that give accurate CX reports.

2) Rapid Data Sharing

When you combine VoC solutions with Machine Learning and AI, the dynamics change. All the data captured via numerous inputs is quickly analyzed and distributed. The recipients of this refined data could be businessmen, marketing teams or customer support agents.

This can result in a host of automated functions such as alerts, adjustments, SMS, without the intervention of a human causing any delay.

3) Utilize Customer Feedback

A sound VoC strategy involves constant mapping that compares customer feedback with the Key Performance Indicators for your CX.

A company that can gauge customer feedback accurately has the leverage to make improvements in not only their CX, but even in other areas of their business. Though the VoC solution can measure any form of customer feedback, a method of feedback collection needs to be defined.

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4) Integrate and Manage Customer Grievances

Once VoC in integrated with an omnichannel dashboard, then managing customer complaints becomes easier.

Internal tasks such as assigning a case, tracking its progress or even closing a case is smooth and without any errors.

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