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CPaaS stands for ‘Communications Platform as a Service’ and is a vital tool used for a cloud-enabled omni-channel customer service method. In today’s digital shopping world, customers have the privilege to access multiple platforms for investigating, comparing, purchasing and posting. Likewise, when dealing with an online customer base, an omni channel platform allows companies to address customer queries via voice, chat, messaging and videos.

It has been estimated that the CPaaS industry will reach a value of USD 10. 9 billion by 2022. There is no doubt that this is poised to transform customer experience across sectors.

Companies such as Kaleyra, RingCentral, Twilio Flex and Amazon Connect are among the top CPaaS providers in India.

Let’s find out why CPaas has grown and will continue to develop in the coming years, especially with regard to delivering high quality CX:

1) Real time attention

CPaaS makes available frameworks that support real time, two way communication. Customers, especially troubled ones, expect instant solutions. Gone are the days of raising a ticket and waiting for a week. Customers will share their sentiments via social media, chat boxes and messaging services. Prompt responses, via any chosen customer mode, lead to improved customer support and of course, positive CX.

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2) Communication using single API

The omnichannel customer service platform that CPaaS supports, allows companies to catch customer queries or grievances via any communication tool. Usually in order to share messages across channels, separate application programming interfaces (APIs) are used. CPaaS enables companies to connect to customers directly via the customer’s chosen tool, using a single API. This ensures seamless communication.

3) Cloud-based Convenience

The convenience that cloud-based CPaaS provides includes not setting up extra infrastructure and protecting the customer with secure systems. As customer support mechanisms gather data about various buyers, CPaaS assists in protecting their data rights and privacy. They also prevent DDoS attacks and spam messages.

4) Save on Human Resources

A CPaaS system saves enterprises financial investment spent on hiring, training and maintaining a team that handles customer calls. Advanced CPaaS platforms offer intelligent and automated response mechanisms such as chatbots, and video-enabled Help Desks. Savings such as these, whether for human resources or infrastructure, customer support companies are able to offer affordable and tailored packages to their client base.

Lastly, CPaaS offers connectivity advantages with more that 1000 mobile network operators with SAP Digital Interconnect. This is predicted to pave the way for Rich Communication Services (RCS) in the near future.

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Syrow – Your Omni-channel Customer Service Partner

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We also provide Customer Satisfaction scores for short-term customer loyalty records and Net Promoter Scores for long-term loyalty indications.

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