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Creating a robust brand marketing plan is essential. But if you’re launching a new company or even a fresh campaign, missing out Customer Experience tools, will lead to an incomplete strategy.

So, what do we mean by a Customer Experience strategy?

Simply put, it’s a method to nurture your existing customer base, especially if you are an existing enterprise. For new businesses, especially small or B2B ones, a sound CX strategy involves setting up multiple customer communication channels or even outsourcing your Customer Support services. Additional tools such as blogs, FAQs and better return policies also beef up your Customer Experience. 

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In 2018, according to Gartner nearly 50% of organizations claimed they can track the financial benefits of CX projects, while Gartner’s marketing leaders survey shows that over 80% of organizations expect to compete mainly based on CX Management. 

This holds true even today, if not more.

Let’s define 3 primary advantages of making customer experience a priority:

1) Competitive Edge

In the online shopping world, consumers rely heavily on customer reviews. Every online marketplace or e commerce website dedicates sufficient space for their existing customers to post a review, comment and star-based grade.

Apart from offering excellent product or services, the way to boost your positive customer reviews is by following a winning Customer Experience strategy. 

The other method in which Customer Support helps you stand out against the crowd is by triggering positive word of mouth. Happy customers who’ve been able to communicate with you, sort out their issues and get responses to their feedback will definitely share their experiences either on social media or among friends. A recommendation from a trusted friend has many more chances of resulting in a sale than a brand advertisement placed by the company.

2) Higher Return on Investment

An extravagant brand marketing campaign may have multiple avenues, tools and methods. A focused Customer Experience Plan, on the other hand, requires minimal activity, especially if you’re outsourcing your Customer Support. And it results in much higher gains.

Investment in your own omnichannel system, chatbot set-up and customer service agents can be an expensive proposition. But when you partner with a Customer Support company that offers all this, the ROI turn out to be much less.

3) Direct Contact With Customers

If you’re familiar with the D2C trend, you may know that the main reason for companies to cut out the middlemen is to get closer to their customers.

Nothing increases your customer touch points and frequency of communication better than a Customer Support campaign. It gives you better, first hand insight into your evolving customer demands, the need to change or upgrade a product or even geographical areas of high potential.

Customer-led business plans have a high tendency to succeed as they originate at source. Market research, customer surveys and feedback mechanisms can be implemented via Customer Support methods in a targeted manner. When you are able to cater to customer needs, this naturally boosts CX.

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Summing up, traditionally brand marketing took into account target market, objectives, awareness, demand and promotions. It stopped at the first batch of sales. Today, we have realized that marketing continues way after a customer makes a purchase. This allows Customer Support to contribute owing to its After Sales expertise.

Added to this, companies have experienced that instead of spending more on traditional brand marketing tools, allocating some budget to a CX program, showed better results! 

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