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A Knowledge Management System in a Customer Service Set-up is considered proactive for a number of reasons. But primarily, it responds to customer queries in real time, without any calls, emails, or communication of any kind, with a Customer Service Agent. The more detailed and better developed your Customer Knowledge Management System is, the easier it is for your customers to find exactly what they are looking for, without prolonging the matter.

Of course, a Customer Knowledge Management System is not recommended as a stand alone tool to handle all customer queries and issues. But it serves as a highly beneficial preliminary contact method and is considered proactive.

Let’s find out all the ways in which Knowledge Management is boosting customer service experiences:

Happier Self-Serving Customers

One would imagine that the average customer loves to seek and receive help. However studies show that most customers prefer to help themselves rather than reach out to customer support teams. They would communicate with Support as a last option, after having attempted to find all their answers on their own.

A Knowledge Management System enables just that. It resembles an FAQ page but is much more. Today, such systems can offer highly informative, experiential and advanced assistance.

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Which takes us to the next point…

Training and Tutorials

A well stacked knowledge management system can hold pictorial guides, video tutorials and training modules. Many companies include webinar recordings or footage of online conferences. Such tools assist the customer before and after sales with absolutely no need to contact customer support.

Technical products, software, appliances, vehicles or musical instruments are a few areas in which training-based knowledge management is being utilized.

Community Building Techniques

The DIY nature of Knowledge Management System based assistance is taken to the next level when your customers can share issues and help each other out via discussion boards and chat forums that you provide. Community building is a fantastic way to expand and reinstate your customer base. At the same time, your customers can be viewed assisting one another, offering explanations on your behalf or recommending your products.

Honest chats with no agenda come across as being much more genuine than you or your customer support team speaking about your brand. Which is why, Quora and Reddit are among the leading and trusted platforms on the internet today.

High Value and Product Knowledge

Though higher knowledge about your company’s products among customers is a beneficial thing for you, even customers prefer to know all the features, applications, strengths and weaknesses. If your training modules impart a little more than just your product, such as pro tips or handy suggestions, customers feel valued and special.

Your brand is perceived as being transparent and customers are happy to associate with you.

Advanced Customer Support

There are a couple of ways in which Knowledge Management Systems elevate the quality of your customer support:

a) Since basic queries and curiosities are satisfied by the system, customer support agents are free to tackle bigger issues. This results in a better customer service experience.

b) Knowledge Management Systems result in smaller customer support teams. This saves money which can in turn be spent on upgrading technology, putting in better systems and streamlining the customer support function.

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