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As you begin to grow your business to the next level of accomplishment, you will naturally realize the importance of customer service.

If you’re handling the entire customer support show by yourself, you may at some point need to outsource this function, owing to an increasing customer base and changing customer preferences. However, handling existing customers and contending for new ones, is only one part of the multi-faceted ball of business challenges.

Entering a new market, testing a new product, beefing up distribution, training internal staff, educating audiences or analyzing how well your current product or service is doing features on a much longer list of business stresses.

Well, here’s some good news!

Your outsourcing customer care partner can not only tend to your customers but also help you with all that we just mentioned…

Here’s how!

1. Increase familiarity about a new market

There are a whole lot of market research agencies whose sole job is to offer relevant information on a particular market. But most of them, are expensive and not always tailored to specifics. Your customer support partners can and will find out if a particular geographical area or segment is ready for your product and in what way. They can contact a potential database on your behalf and get direct, honest feedback. This can be done even during the testing phase of a new product or service before you expand operations.

2. Check if current strategies are working

You may even gauge the effectiveness of ongoing marketing or distribution strategies in a targeted area. Feedback on promotional campaigns, brand identity or on-ground staff can give you valuable insight on areas of improvement. Customer support advisors are trained to interact with all kind of customers in a professional and polite manner. They have the patience and consistency to carry out feedback questionnaires smoothly, via phone, email and even chat.

3. Distribution of limited manpower

Manpower shortages occur in many smaller startup establishments. It’s preferable to hire people with specialized functions that can excel in their areas of expertise. When a resource who’s competent in one set of skills is required to be allocated elsewhere, it can cause disharmony.

In the initial stages of a business, the last thing you need is dissatisfied talent, that’s ready to leave due to the wrong allocation. By outsourcing your customer support, you can allow your people to concentrate on doing what they do best. Rather than making your front-desk receptionist or sales team deal with unhappy customers, let the professionals handle it. You will also realize that it’s much cheaper to outsource than to hire a new team and invest in technology for your customer support requirement.

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4. Reduce training and development costs

Another huge cost saving can be achieved by outsourcing your customer care. Training staff in areas of customer support on a regular basis can be financially draining. The customer support sector is an ever-evolving one. There are new technologies being introduced all the time that aim to cater to changing customer preferences. If you are not in touch with your customer on multiple platforms, you may lose that connection forever. Customer Management Systems also require trained personnel to work on them. The combination of trained people and support tech can turn out to be pretty high, if not outsourced. An amount you’d rather invest in other areas of your business.

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5. Customer referrals and testimonies

In the digital age, all businesses should be online. If yours is not, now is the time! From all the digital marketing tools, the ones that work best come straight from satisfied customers. Positive testimonials and references from your buyers can be shared via video or in written formats through social media platforms for the highest amount of ROI and leads.

However, customers need a little push to offer their positive feedback. Your customer support team can encourage your customers to share feedback via their social media pages. They can also be informed of the latest trending hashtags that will offer your advanced online traction.

If you are not getting enough hits or leads via your current digital marketing efforts, try initiating this process for quick and accurate image management.

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