There was a time when Customer Service was an ancillary function, mere support for the main departments of a company. Today, factors such as social media and consumer awareness have catapulted Customer Support into a position of high importance. The best companies and brands have been tarnished by a few bad Customer Experiences (CX). And the truth is that it can happen to anyone.

The key to understanding the benefits of outsourcing your Customer Care requirements lies in knowing what your outsourced Customer Service (CustServ) team actually does. Customer Call Centre Representatives don’t only take calls, there is much more to it than that!

Here are 6 somewhat unknown benefits of outsourcing your Customer Care to give you a better understanding of what these teams are actually made of and what do they really do.

1) Better People than Yours!

There’s a high possibility that your outsourced Customer Service team has more skilled professionals than your internal team. The reason for this is that the BPO business is a highly competitive one. Their hiring standards, especially for Customer Support staff are quite stringent. Added to which, there are constant training and development programs being held for all Call Centre employees to get them up to speed. The competition drives them to excel and this works out well for all their Clients.

2) Positive First Impressions

As Shep Hyken says “Your customers no longer compare you to your competitor. They compare you to the best service they ever had, from anyone.”

During the entire purchase cycle, especially in e-commerce, hospitality and other Customer focused industries, the true time a consumer interacts with a brand or company rep is after making a purchase. And its more than likely that a Customer’s first conversation, chat or email us with the Customer Service team. Since that’s the area of expertise of a Call Centre, you don’t need to worry about what kind of impression is being made about your Company. And as we believe, first impressions do last… so why not make them professional and positive?

3) Long-term Brand Loyalty

An accumulated number of positive impressions naturally leads to long-term brand loyalty towards you. Customers will favour your product or service based purely on their Customer Service experiences. In competitive times when multiple sellers are offering the same or similar products, its the quality of your Customer Service team that takes you ahead or leave you behind.

4) Helpful in Crisis Management

This is something not many people know as its not every day that the crisis occurs. But those companies that have been through any unfortunate incidents, know that when things go south, it’s the Customer that gets most affected. In times like these, it can be a boon to have an outsourced Customer Service team who is given very specific statements to pacify your audience. A professional Customer Support team knows exactly how to handle grievances and how much information to divulge. They are also experts in converting the grievance into an opportunity to serve more. It avoids situations where Customers or Shareholders are trying to communicate directly with your internal teams and controls the messaging that’s going out.

5) Saves Money on Hiring, Training and Office Space

You must have heard about outsourcing will save you money, otherwise spending on hiring internal employees, training them, giving them adequate space and retaining them is a tedious task. All of these are true but there’s more. High-end telephones and tracking technology costs a lot of money. And as your Customer base grows, you need to keep adding on to these investments. Plus companies that don’t have their own dedicated Customer Support people, realize how much of a load it puts on their Administrative Staff. Then, soon you have a whole lot of people performing jobs that they were not really trained to do! This is one of the main reasons for job dissatisfaction. So, instead of upsetting your internal staff, outsource your Customer Support to a fully equipped and able outsourcing partner.

6) Allows Easy Growth and Success

With your Customer Service function in place, you can carry on with your core tasks and plan your growth path without having to worry about taking care of an expanding Customer base. Your Customer Service team will adapt to support your success seamlessly. Innovate, launch new products, spread to fresh destinations or upgrade your current operations. With a remote Customer Service team in place, you have nothing to worry about in that department.

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Our teams consist of domain-specific experts who can help companies develop innovative strategies in order to compete and win in the industry segment they operate.

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