The results are out! Retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. This is a global fact that cannot be denied. But how does one ensure loyal and happy customer journeys and repeat business? By going the entire way and not leaving a customer stranded post-sale. After-sales customer support is a delicate art that ensures a customer is gently motivated at all times. Earlier, after-sales only involved a warranty, some setting up assistance or maybe a good return policy.

Today, it’s gone beyond to build strong and loyal customers who act as free brand ambassadors for your company.

Here are 4 After-Sales Customer Support tricks that you may have ignored earlier:

1) Consistent Communication

Most companies are unsure of what to communicate with a customer, once a sale is done. They also fall short of the right communication strategy. That’s where the experts can help you!  Post a sale, the right approach is to keep all lines open for a customer to contact you. The best way to do this is via an Omni-channel or unified platform.

This does 2 things:

a) It offers the customer his or her choice of communication. Some like to call, others prefer to email while the younger lot rely on chatting via your website or even social media. Whatever they choose, you need to be there to respond.

b) It keeps tracks of the customer’s story. An omnichannel customer support system stores customer information in one place to be readily accessed. Every time a customer calls or emails, the customer support agent gets all the relevant information and communication to be able to assist the customer efficiently.

Apart from this, customers need to be made aware of your after-sales services. A quick feedback call or survey, post-delivery is a good way to make a customer feel valued.

2) Analytics on Consumer Behaviour

Data about your customer’s unique habits can help you to serve them better. A sound after-sales customer support strategy that’s driven by data is a sure-shot mechanism to success. AI-based analytics or predictive analytics can offer a window into after-sales decisions such as when to suggest a subscription basis, how to get positive feedback, or even when it’s time to push the next product.

3) Value-added Education

Customers love to know hacks or get special tips on how to use their products. Customer support advisors today can impart techniques or tutorials via video calls to target customers.  They can also call up customers and ask them if they would like new ways to use their products. This trick is relatively new and requires professional expertise to implement. Customer support advisors with high product knowledge and multi-lingual skills are ideal for this job! 

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4) Evolving and Growing

A few companies know that after-sales customer services need to evolve with changing customer preferences. Luckily, a technologically advanced customer service agency can track data on every customer interaction in the after-sales cycle. This data can be used to improve and refine after-sales service strategies.
The key to customer retention is to constantly improve on past mistakes and take your after-sales customer support to the next level.
Hence, outsourcing this function to a well-equipped customer support company is an easy way to secure consistent customer delight and customer retention.

Syrow – Your after-sales customer support partner

Syrow is one of the top Customer Service Outsourcing companies in India, that offers a complete suite of Customer Care Services for you to take the first step towards Customer Satisfaction and Business Excellence.

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Our teams consist of domain-specific experts who can help companies develop innovative strategies in order to compete and win in the industry segment they operate.
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