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Customer Experience or CX is the driving force that holds the potential for businesses to leave their competitors behind. 

The quality of your CX affects your brand, product or service on multiple levels. It has, in fact, been proven that B2C companies who invest in improving Customer Experience for their consumers are able boost their revenue and financial performance in leaps and bounds.

If that’s not enough to convince of its importance, let’s find out the various ways in which CX is helping businesses prosper:

1) Satisfies Customers’ Information Needs

An informed customer is a happy customer. Omni-channeled customer support platforms are able to cater to customer queries expressed in any form. Call, chat, email or tickets can be swiftly addressed by bots or customer support agents.

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When potential customers are presented with the right information that enables them to make quick, informed purchase decisions, sales shoot up.

2) Provides Vital Customer Data

Advanced CX platforms benefit the customers and companies, alike. On the company front, numerous amounts of analytics and customer data points assist enterprises in improving various aspects of business. Customer feedback can result in fresh ideas for product innovation, add on products, marketing and sales channels, packaging and even distribution modes.

Placing oneself in a customer’s shoes can enlighten businessmen on aspects or pain points that remain undetected via traditional research methods.

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3) Provides Insight For Marketing Strategies

Every brand struggles with devising the right marketing plan. Customer support companies are able to offer data via metrics and honest consumer communication that can drive the most effective marketing plans. Studying a customer’s online behaviour such as their preferred mode to communicate with the brand gives insight into where the brand can find the customer, and at what time of the day.

This information forms the basis of a communications strategy that can keep evolving with changing customer preferences. In today times, change and adaptation is what keeps brands alive and kicking.

4) Assists In Test Phases

Before launching into new markets or releasing a fresh product, customer support agents can conduct test marketing or pilot projects on a company’s behalf. Call or email based questionnaires allow the brand to consult the end customer prior to launching their product or service to the larger market.

For new products, a superior CX can be offered via an experienced customer support mechanism that is available 24 by 7 to advise customers on usage and applications. This can be conducted via chat, video or audio calls.

5) Triggers Positive Customer Reviews And Recommendations

It has been proven that a sound CX program is able to trigger positive online customer reviews even when the product or service is lacking in some way. Customers are willing to give extra stars for high quality CX. A large number of online customers rely on customer reviews to make purchase decisions.

So positive CX pushes customers to rate well and this in turn, helps many brands to promote their products and services in an organic manner. Honest customer reviews are more effective than active marketing. A definitely effective way to achieve higher sales.

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6) Improves Brand Image

Gone are the days where companies invested massive budgets in designing a logo, defining a brand promise, conducting on ground marketing events, or advertising on billboards and television.

Today, an attractive website, presence on bigger marketplaces, some organic and paid marketing initiatives and a comprehensive CX program can result in creating a well known and accepted brand. When customers speak on your behalf, the goodwill is doubled.

Hence, CX is gaining more importance than ever before thanks to its effects on brands, marketing, products, and of course, overall business.

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