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Customers experience businesses via brands. And no platform in the digital age enables brands to speak to their audiences better than social media.  

A brand’s voice, values and messaging can be depicted most accurately through the social media platform you choose. Facebook now has a business application, Instagram is being utilised extensively to sell products and LinkedIn communities influence industry trends and policies.  

That’s just a tiny glimpse into the power social media has today.  

Let’s find out ways in which you can improve your customer experience, brand recognition and success rate via social media:

1) Maintain a good flow of content

There is such a thing as posting too much content on social media. The trick is to find the right balance of informative, entertaining and topical content, which can be in images, videos, blogs and short posts.  

Bombarding your audiences with a continual string of posts will saturate them and make it difficult for your brand to continue coming up with original material. Repetition will end up losing online followers. 

Also, social media is a two-way street. A lot of your time could go into responding to customer queries. In such a case, your content flow needs to be prompt and regular. Customers expect real-time responses and responding in time can break long chains of negative comments. 

2) Tailor content based on user habits and environment

Social media is an apt way to collect customer data. You can create the perfect target consumer persona by tracking online likes, dislikes, preferences and interests.  

This can be done through competitive analysis as well.  

It’s also interesting to know what content your customers are self-generating to strike a complementary tone. If your brand speaks a similar language to your customers, it will surely amplify your CX.  

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Many leading brands utilize social media findings for their advertising campaigns and brand messaging. Airbnb is an excellent example of a brand that responds to prevalent situations and customer’s needs. For COVID-19, they revamped their website and messaging, with lines such as ‘We may be apart, but we’ll get through this together’. The brand also introduced free shelter during hurricanes and disasters – a bold Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. 

3) Use social feedback to improve

Social media is a living, throbbing entity that combines people, ideas, brands and products. 

It also gets immediate reactions and is a brilliant way to receive real-time feedback. Please take it as free advice and make those changes that are possible.  

You will find your weak areas being highlighted by consumers quite early in the game. That’s the beauty of social media. It gives you a timely warning and the opportunity to recover.  

4) Zero in on your audiences 

Scattered efforts always end up losing time and money. 

With social media, you can choose the platform that your audiences prefer and focus all your energies there. If you’re trying to tap the younger lot, be active on YouTube and Instagram. For a more mature audience, Facebook is the place to be.  

Graphics, images and videos appeal to everyone and even work for B2B brands.  

Since social media is an open book, you can accurately track your target audiences and what they find engaging. Being present on social media doesn’t cost money; advertising and promoting do. So, be present everywhere but plan your media spend on the platforms that your customers frequent.  

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