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If you’re looking for a unique differentiator to stand out from the crowd, grab the opportunity to upscale your customer experience. One way to excel in this regard is via intelligent data analytics that give you deeper insights into your customers so you can service them intuitively and pro-actively.

With the entire world running on Big Data, every advanced customer support platform is set to run at its most efficient rate bolstered by vital customer information from various touch points.

Added to which, the current pandemic in which enterprises are working remotely, the need for superior CX is even more. We are witnessing a sea change in the way data is being captured by letting go of dated and complicated data systems.

Let’s find out exactly how this is being done:

1) Precision and Accuracy

Intelligent data capture is a few steps ahead of manual data collection methods as it ensures super accuracy. Sifting through realms of digital, printed and handwritten data and pin-pointing value-added specifics creates a system that cannot fail. This is the primary advantage of intelligent data capture.

Such a smooth process results in an efficient workflow that identifies and irons out trouble spots while saving time and money. Accurate customer knowledge is the best way to offering superior CX.

2) Real-Time Analytics

In a dynamic, ever-evolving market, consumer desires ebb and flow. With individuals constantly adopting new habits, values and purchase habits, the key is to stay in the loop, at all times.

Intelligent data processes are able to capture complex CX datasets, validate them and present real-time information that’s relevant and highly valuable. 

This sort of up-to-date analytics is the only kind that’s truly beneficial to businesses towards not only CX but also other vital business decision-making.

3) Security and Confidentiality

A notable attribute of intelligent data is its innate ability to create a data trail and provide secure features such as encrypted keywords and automated log outs. 

No customer would be pleased by any breach in security, especially when it comes to their personal information. Intelligent data platforms protect customer information, thereby boosting CX and inviting customer loyalty.

4) Predictive Analysis

Reports based on intelligent data grabs can minimize future risks and offer predictions on things like what will this customer’s next question be! It sounds straightforward but a proactive approach to CX is always better than a reactive one.

Apart from individual insight, predictions can help frame your entire upcoming Customer Support Strategies to cater to customer needs even before they express them.

5) Personalised CX

As CX progresses, the future is personalised and special.

A personalization program can extend from purchase to after sales in areas such as product recommendations, preferred payment gateway, select delivery addresses, friends and family birthday recommendations, personalised deals and more.

In customer support, intelligent data assists with information about customer’s preferred mode of communication, time of day to call back, language spoken and even special days such as birthdays or anniversaries. This information elevates CX to a place where customers feel valued.

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