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Live chat is a simple idea that has grown to play a vital role in today’s customer support sector. Live Chat Tools enable friendly and conversational pop ups on websites, to assist customers in real time.

The modern consumer is an impatient one. He or she requires instant answers and resolutions to be able to complete purchases, know more about a product or service or lodge complaints.

Though there are multiple customer support platforms, the live chat option plays a unique role. There are many matters that can be resolved quickly and effectively via a live chat. Tickets take time to resolve and phone calls are not always convenient. Live chat tools, on the other hand, save precious hours, effort and help maintain customer privacy, in their immediate environment, unlike phone calls. In a competitive industry, real time customer support via live chat has been known to give a definite edge over other players. 

We’ve been utilizing the live chat medium for most of our clients for many years. The latest live chat tools have an array of options for your customers’ needs. Added to which, a well trained, 24 by 7 outsourced customer support team will handle all your customer queries, requests and grievances.

We’ve selected 6 of our favourite live chat tools and explained why.  Here they are:

1) Intercom Chat

Intercom chat is positioned as a conversational relationship platform and rightly so. The conversation referred to here, is between a customer support agent and a customer via the Intercom chat window. Intercom ensures that this conversational relationship spans seamlessly across multiple platforms.

So, whether your customers choose to ping you via their laptop, android or desktop, this tool will support every interaction with ease.

Incidentally, the ability for a chat tool to work as smoothly on an android, as desktop, is crucial and a recommended feature to look for. But before you choose a chat tool, try your demo on both phone and desktop, to gauge accurately.

Top Benefit: No matter where your potential customer stands along a sales funnel, Intercom will prod them along their journeys using customer data with personalized messages and reminders.

2) Crisp Chatbot

The Crisp Chatbot tool, as name suggests is a automated response mechanism, that behaves like a human but is even smarter! It can be adapted to any scenario such as a curious user or a disgruntled one with adequate support systems, known as fall backs.

This clever tool can recognize and classify a customer or user, based on their online analytics, offer predefined choices, block irrelevant users or spammers and auto assign tasks.

Top Benefit: Crisp is a great tool to integrate into CRM, Sales and Marketing programs. It can also accept customer data and act like an enquiry or booking form.

3) LiveChat

Live Chat is a swift and easy tool that breezes through timely customers interactions with personalised greetings, queries and advanced data-driven product suggestions. It handles your customers round the clock, even when your customer support agents are not online.

 And like any advanced chat tool, LiveChat works equally well on desktop and mobile.

 Top Benefit: LiveChat’s cool product suggestion feature which displays products with high quality images and crisp descriptions, is a brilliant conversion tool.


Chatra has been created intelligently. It offers specialized chat windows for the various pages on your website. So, your landing pages get high conversion messages, complex product pages include explanations and instructions and contact us pages assist with filling out forms.

Other seemingly minor qualities of Chatra that we appreciate include their the timing of their pop-ups and their frequency. There is such a thing as being too aggressive even though live chat windows. But this chat tool uses its wisdom to gently urge rather than force a customer down the sales funnel.

Top Benefit: Chatra is helpful all over the website with predictive and relevant inputs for landing pages, payment processes, cart stages and more. It also supports beyond web pages by integrating with third party messaging platforms like Slack.

5) FreshChat

FreshChat is the brainchild of Freshworks, a US based company that has been providing cloud-based software for the customer engagement sector. Two years ago, they added to their offerings with a unified marketplace platform. This experience has given them insight into the modern customer’s mind and the latest technology in this area. Naturally, they know exactly what an ideal live chat tool should be like.

Hence, FreshChat is packed with advanced business features such as effective sales bots, quick responses, integrated self-service mechanisms and campaigns.

Top Benefit: FreshChat has a proven record of high customer satisfaction scores and can be operated via any messenger service a customer desires, including social media apps.


One would think that something that’s free can’t be this good. But believe it or not, is! This chat tool shines owing to its ability to consolidate data and present relevant resources to both company and customer.

As a company, you will benefit from as it brings together data based on every customer touch point to facilitate customer communication. Your customers, on the other hand, are given adequate FAQs and articles to assist them on whichever issue they require. Its a smart solution that not only assists customers and support agents but also portrays a knowledgeable and authority brand image.

Top Benefit:’s Knowledge Base is a comprehensive and impressive real-time dashboard that allows easy tracking of customer journeys. This enables your teams to be there whenever requires or pro-actively contact potential or existing customers at the right stages.

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Success Following a Live Chat Inclusion

A leading FinTech company that provides B2B wallet services approached us with a problem concerning customers who were switching to other preferred payment options. On investigation, we uncovered that these customers had many queries which they did not wish to express over calls. Their solution was just to utilize another payments method.

We introduced the Syrow Live Chat tool to this account and immediately, their customers began reaching out to our support agents with their issues more readily, via the live chat. Plus it offered them 24 by 7 support. This resulted in 60% of customers sticking to the wallet services provided by our client, as opposed to the earlier 20% – 30%.

Hence, live chat is a proven tool that works well for the modern, online consumer. Both B2B and B2C companies are gaining from this simple but powerful customer support tool.

Are you ready to include a live chat widget on your website? Then, contact us for a free consultation on your customer support needs today!

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