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The connection between Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience Mangement is a new discovery unearthed by multiple brand marketeers and companies, across sectors. The theory differs to earlier beliefs about winning new customers. Both CX and acquisition lay in different levels of a standard sales funnel, without affecting one another.

So, let’s find out how and why the two terms linked. 

If your customers are happy, you will acquire more… But how? 

There are two ways – 1) Repeat business from your current customer base 2) New customers from your current customer base’s network

Repeat business – Old customers wanting more!

It’s a wide known fact that acquiring a new customer costs more than keeping a current one happy. Companies are finally investing in enhancing CX across every customer touch points. Technology has given businesses the advantage of omni-channel communication and data-driven decision making.

The unprecedented surge in online shopping was another chance for E-commerce establishments to go that extra mile. Spontaneous customer acquisition during the pandemic led to a shifted focus towards every new customer. Discounts, value deals, free shipping and other benefits were extended as part of the effort to hold on to the fresh breed of online shoppers.

This lay the foundation for competitive offerings that assisted brands to excel in customer relations. Trust levels increased and brand loyalty was gained. A tried and tested method to ensure continual business from a loyal customer base.

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New Customers – Fresh buyers through organic ways!

Most of your customers are on social media platforms of their choice. They interact with their set networks and discuss experiences.

Personal recommendation and testimonials work numerous times better than any marketing gimmick businesses can think of! Customer reviews are valued due to their genuine credibility. A truly happy customer can be prodded to share their positive reviews online. Social media pages are also a good way to start positive threads which are read by thousands.

Word-of-mouth endorsements are another way in which existing customers influence their friends and families. All these methods lead to customer acquisition in organic and full-proof manners.

So, what can businesses do to boost their customer acquisition levels?

Invest in a sound customer support system that keeps your CX levels high.

Ways in which customer support can help your business grow: 

1) Test marketing and surveys: For businesses wishing to enter a new market or launch a fresh product line, a customer support outsource team can handle all test marketing activities via call or email surveys.

2) Guidance and tutorials on product installation and usage: New customers with queries on product installation and usage can be given live instructions via video calls with trained customer support agents.

3) Support via omni-channel platform: An omni-channel customer support platform is the most efficient way to catch customers on every platform. Whether they choose to email the company, use messenger services via social media or decide to give a call with any question, the omni-channel gives agents access to respond and keep track of every interaction.       

4) Multi-lingual, 24 x 7 care: Communication is key to satisfy customers and if they are spoken to in their own language, they are even more comfortable to share. Added to which, advanced customer support companies are able to handle customer calls, emails and chats at any time of the day or night, using a mix of AI powered customer service and human agents.

5) Grievances and issue-resolution: There are always some unhappy or confused customers. During the pandemic, stress levels have been particularly high. A dedicated customer support team is trained to listen and solve customer problems in the quickest way.

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Businesses with professional customer support outsource teams find it easy to achieve high levels of CX.

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