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Every business experiences happy and disappointed customers. Some things are in your hands while others are not. We understand that there are too many variables in running a successful venture, each one independent of another.

Inventory issues, product quality, e commerce website speed, delivery delays or botched up orders. This makes the Art of Handling Angry Customers a necessary skill to master.

Here are some well proven techniques, suggested by experts, in dealing with disputes, grievances and angry or disappointed customers:

1) Sort your own issues

This is one trick that many businesses or customer support teams miss. But it’s that one vital component that will assist to resolve every angry customer interaction.

Individuals dealing with customers on a daily basis need to first ensure that they are happy and not dealing with any stress of their own. This means that the result depends on a process that begins with the company, not the customer.

Fix any internal issues that there may be within your organisation. Make sure your customer support team is satisfied, positive and not dealing with office politics. If a customer support professional in your organisation is going through personal problems, give them a few days off.

A sorted customer support team will be able to approach every problem with a calm mind and a more helpful attitude towards quicker and first call resolutions.

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2) Listen and be empathic

Practice listening without interrupting. You may intersperse the dialogue with acknowledgment phrases or emphatic ones such as “I understand”.

Place yourself in the complaining customer’s spot. Don’t lose focus and sway your attention away from the conversation at any point. Once he or she has spoken, ask questions to understand the problem better in case you have not. Remember an angry customer may respond to your questions in an irritated tone because he still does not have a solution. Its not a personal attack on you.

If there is a dispute to be resolved between multiple parties, the same rule applies. Each person should be given a chance to explain their side, without interruption.

3) Give solutions but don’t over-promise

Use references and data to run through the steps towards resolving the issue. If you need time, ask for it but don’t offer inaccurate solutions that won’t be possible. Don’t be blunt or dismissive when offering solutions. If the customer has made the effort to contact you, explain the problem and clarify details, he or she expects you to give a detailed answer.

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Alright, will call you back” and hanging up will not satisfy a customer. Even if you are working to find a solution, right after the call, you have left the customer thinking that you don’t care.

Tell the customer what you are doing and how much time it will take you to get it done. Even if there are things out of your control, like server problems, tell the truth, but do it sympathetically. Don’t sound neutral or uninterested.

4) Follow up with action and use the right feedback

Follow through on your promises and stick to your timeline. If you are unable to offer a solution within the time frame you had initially given, contact the customer and inform him or her and give a new time. But, this time follow it. They will appreciate you for it.

Many companies ask for feedback too early in the customer interaction process or only once issues are resolved. The trick is to pick up the problem that the customer has expressed to begin with, especially if its happening with other customers.

Include an email feedback form as an option instead of just a 1 to 5 rating on an app.

Then work towards making the changes so that no customers are angered by the same problem again. Lastly, thank your customers to bringing the problem to your attention. Gratitude diffuses anger better than any other reaction.

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