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If you’ve never heard of the concept regarding ‘deflecting or avoiding contact from your customers’, you are not alone. This idea is not entirely new, but it got major impetus during the pandemic, when businesses and brands had to deal with a barrage of customer queries and grievances. It was then that enterprises and customer support teams realized that the lesser contacts they had from their customers, the better they scored on their customer experience levels.

This implied that customers were happier, better informed and not in any urgent need.

But how does one deflect contacts without offending the average customer? Or even better…. How to improve your CX with a contact deflection strategy? Let’s find out!

1) Allow your customers to self serve

By empowering every customer with automated communication channels or detailed information, there will be lesser contacts and more satisfied buyers. AI-backed chat, well drafted FAQs, informative blog sections, video tutorials or even chatrooms where customers talk to each other will ensure very few actually contact you.

Predicting customer queries and proactively answering them is a profitable tool that can benefit any brand.

A comprehensive resource bank and customer guidance strategy is the primary key to deflecting customer contacts.

2) Invest in technology

The latest technology and tools such as an omnichannel platform backed by a mix of bots and humans, will minimize the load on your teams. AI is playing an increased role in customer support each year. Contrary to some fears, bots are here to step in when humans are not available or busy handling more important tasks.

Advanced systems can provide real time responses, valuable data and efficiency without reaching individuals. An indirect way that technology can ease customer issues is via latest payment options via cryptocurrency modes.

Speaking of financials, a smooth and safe payment gateway has proven to be game changer for many companies and the source of reduced customer grievances.

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3) Partner with a Customer Support Company

Mastering CX does not happen overnight. It takes years of experience, investment, trial and error to offer a seamless customer support mechanism.

Instead of spending time and money, away from your true business, employing the services of a professional customer support enterprise is more feasible way to go about it.

Well trained customer support agents will offer immediate responses and avoid long, drawn out emails or social media comment threads. This will in turn block additional customer contacts and help to control negative statements and opinions.

A positive image created by a professional customer support team encourages customers to post appreciative reviews and testimonials. This too ends up discouraging customers to reach out to you for trivial matters.

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