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The retail boom was as unprecedented as the global pandemic that hit our planet in the past year. Consumers rapidly adapted to the online shopping mode which began with essential items and has now grown to include almost every product or service.

India’s e-commerce market size in 2020 amounted to USD 64 billion. This catapulted the customer service industry to a more prominent position, due to a vast number of online sellers with minimal differentiation regarding their offerings. In such cases, CX was one aspect, and continues to, assist brands and companies to build their goodwill and reputation.

In this blog, we will explore the top most exciting E-commerce trends that are set to influence and define CX in 2021.

1) Personalised Shopping Experiences

Now, we know that personalised shopping doesn’t seem that new but when companies get access to the ever changing customer preferences, it can be a complete game changer! Right from beacon technology that allows brands to ping customers while they shop to omnichannel platforms that connect customers to brands via multiple platforms. All this leads to mainfold benefits. Further, personalised data is able to initiate brands to get to know their customers almost as well as their friends. This offers a significant advantage to those who invest in advanced customer support technologies.

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2) Virtual Voice Receptionists

When AI meets the latest voice technology, you get a whole new level of assistance. Customer engagement means better conversations beyond chat screens. An AI-enabled voice assistant is a highly intelligent task oriented application that can perform jobs and offer guidance. They understand natural language, unlike dated PBX systems with the familiar recorded “Choose 1 for this and 2 for that”! The virtual voice receptionist has varied uses such as giving directions, sending messages, surfing the internet and offering information.

3) Augmented Reality

AR is a tool that is predicted to go completely mainstream in the CX sector. The best part about AR that it begins at the start of the customer journey and takes each buyer on a magical trip! Before purchase, customers can test products and how they look on them via visual representations of themselves using those products. Likewise service companies can demonstrate the effects of their services such as carpet cleaning, dog grooming or even interior decoration by asking the potential customer to send a photo and then view it as it would look post the service. AR is especially burgeoning in the travel and tourism industries during times when clients are unable to travel. It is also faciliatating brands with AR training on product 

4) No Contact Technology

Sounds basic? But contact-less technology is a trend that is going to flow on. As safety and health have found their prime place in our lives, they are not ready to leave as yet! As personal interactions are kept at an essential or minimal pace, the trends of choosing online, paying online, in-store pick ups, contact-less deliveries and online customer support assistance are becoming a healthy habit among consumers. We see these lingering on well into 2021.

5) Digitized Customer Support Activities

This basically means that all your after sales support teams communicate with customers only via phone, chat, email or video calls. Though this may sound impersonal, it is risen as the preferred mode of communication among most consumers. Buyers are much more comfortable about expressing their issues in written or spoken form over the phone. They even prefer video call assistance. Hence, the way ahead is a complete digitized customer support mechanism supported by an omnichannel platform that enables communication via any desired customer means.

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