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The role that humans play in delivering positive customer experiences may be lessening but its not over. In fact, there are some areas that humans are better than machines. But the same holds true vice versa… The way AI bots sift through data and offer fact-based guidance is much more superior than any human agent.

So, the ideal level of an awesome customer experience lies in striking a balance and enabling both digital and human parties to do what they are best at.

These are some ways in which to strike this desired balance:

Omnichannel Customer Support Platform

Omnichannel platforms are not just a way to interact with customers via their preferred channels but also a way to efficiently respond to them. Chat customer support can combine bots and hand over conversations to humans when needed. Similarly, digital tools can be utilised to respond to emails or send text messages.

To simplify regular manual functions can be handled digitally, while special cases are entrusted to humans via omnichannel support platforms. Hence an omnichannel platform can easily AI powered customer support program.

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FAQ-based Question Bank and Resources

Creating a resource bank of commonly asked questions, blogs, white papers and fact sheets will assist both AI Customer Support and Human customer support mechanisms.

A well-written FAQs sheet, tutorial videos, podcasts or blogs are digital tools which can be shared with customers via apps, emails or social media. These resources can also help agents when it’s their turn to deal with customers.

Know when Humans are Necessary

Striking a balance means knowing when the digital suffices and when humans are needed. Delicate situations during any sort of customer losses is the time to get that customer in touch with a human agent.

Early stages of the pandemic is a good example to give on the need for human connections. Though a lot of booking and purchase functions were digitized, when a customer reached out to a brand, it was a human voice that helped to resolve issues quicker.

Digital channels and Personal Surveys for Feedback

Another vital area in which you can combine digital and human aspects is the customer feedback mechanism. Automated digital techniques give insight into general consumer impressions under common circumstances. But if a customer is upset, they will tend to rate very low if presented with a scale of 1 – 10 to respond on.

This is when a personal survey or conversation can help close the feedback loop.  A Whatsapp customer service software is ideal for this purpose.

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Customer experience management is about making the customer feel valued and appreciated, no matter what. Hence, the key is to pick up the troubled signs long before they are thrown at you! The ability to predict customer reactions, offer solutions pro-actively and express empathy is a function of data, predictive analysis, omnichannel platforms and trained customer support agents.

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