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If there was ever a positive time for online buying, then this is it! A smooth online customer buying experience is the key to a successful brand and company. A major element of the customer buying process is the payment gateway utilised by e-commerce companies.

The requirements for the ideal payment gateway are simple. It should be trustworthy, efficient, offer multiple options and facilitate quick return and exchange policies.

But what exactly does a payment gateway with all these qualities do?

Let’s find out how a sound payment gateway is half the battle won in ensuring customer returns and new conversions.

1) Caters to Global Customers

Many e-commerce stores cater to international clients. A good quality payment gateway enables transactions in foreign currencies and manages accurate exchange rates.

Once you are equipped with a payment gateway that accepts all top credit cards, payments from various banks and via most apps, the chances of growing your marketplace increase substantially. It also helps to open up your business to the younger generation who prefer to shop online, especially on sites that enable quick payments.

2) Boosts Brand Loyalty

When you link a reliable payment gateway to your company, it immediately boosts your brand. A trusted payment gateway such as Instamojo, PayUMoney or Razorpay can win you more customers and also minimize cart abandonment or customers changing their minds, especially at the point of payment.

The top payment gateways also guarantee a higher level of security and privacy while giving you many features which your customers can benefit from, Such benefits include affordable packages which allow businesses to save money. These saved resources can in turn be forwarded to your customers in the form of free gift packaging and free delivery. 

Other features of payment gateways are verification of the buyer’s details such as age, protection from fraud customers or expired cards, and timely tracking of transactions.

3) Multiplies Conversion

An easy and effortless payment gateway encourages customers to buy even more items from your product categories! When a customer experiences a smooth buying experience, he or she does not think twice about making the next purchase which could be within the same hour or even day. 

High quality payment gateways store customer information and payment preferences safely. This information should be accessible even when a customer makes a purchase after a long gap. They should also offer other options that run just as smoothly.

4) Drops Customer Grievances and Bad Reviews

You will get less customers giving you complaints about their buying experiences if you have link with the best payment gateways. They even help out if you get bad experiences with e-commerce websites.

They will investigate fraud online buying websites and help you to get refunds if needed.

You can depend on good payment gateways to help you receive positive customer reviews. And these customers will influence other potential buyers to purchase more from you.

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Hence, a reliable payment gateway is a beneficial way to attract good word of mouth that spreads in an organic and trustworthy way. In fact, never underestimate a top payment gateway owing to all the benefits that they offer you.

Here’s a parting tip – There are also many fake e commerce website that are advertising via social media but the way customers can decipher a reliable website from a deceiving one is by checking their own website reviews and their payment gateways.

So, invest in a reliable payment gateway and you will soon find an increasing number of customer flooding your website and converting quicker than ever.

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