Nowadays most startups entrepreneurs and owners at some time given a thought on getting additional support through outsourcing. Whether it be a company who is a startup, expanding, or merely needs to be more effective and organized, the necessity to delegate business processes is a rising issue.

Recognizing the fact that you require support is the simple part, but making the final call of actually getting help from a trustworthy third party vendor can be quite intimidating. Many companies are in a dilemma whether hiring in-house is a better option or getting a Virtual Assistant is? Will Virtual Assistant be cost effective? What is the advantage of hiring a virtual assistant for your business?

We’ve come up with 5 chief reasons on how hiring a Virtual Assistant can make a progressive impact on your business growth and revenue.

  1. Company Savings

We know how precious time is especially if you’re running a business. You need to prioritize core functions over the others. But what we have seen is business owners waste their time taking care of repetitive processes instead of delegating it to an efficient outsourcing company thus losing out on a lot of money.

You as a business owner have to shell out most of your time on core tasks that support your business to move forward. All these core functions cannot be performed by any other person. The usual salary for an agent would cost you around lots of money a year plus the training and infrastructure costs.  On the other hand getting a Virtual Assistant based service would cost you lesser amount a year which can be a generous saving for your business. Once after you unburdened those tedious tasks to you’re a virtual assistant service, the possibility of a growth in sales and productivity creates a significant impact on the business budget and revenue.

  1. Use Your Time Wisely

As a business owner you have so the whole day to use productively so are you spending your time on doing the core productive functions or wasting it on sending emails and on customer calls?

According to a 3 year study by Harvard Business states that delegating monotonous, lesser productive jobs helps you save 25% of your useful time each day. So you can only imagine how much time you can invest on the chief business functions.

You can use that time in taking important decisions, build strategies, expand your business, etc. once you delegate these lesser important functions you can make the most of your time and maintain your work-life balance.

  1. Difference between a Virtual Assistant and Getting In-House Agents

Some of the functions in the office require skilled employees to get the job done. Be it calls, emails, social media or tele calling. Knowing that you require skilled agents is the easy part but getting the right fit for the position includes a tiring procedure of hiring, recruiting, and training which doesn’t mean you always acquire the ideal fit. This can be really expensive and take up a lot of time. This brings an added pressure on you and your business functioning.


Having a Virtual Assistant gives you the benefit of not having to worry about the payroll expenditure or providing incentives and along with this you don’t need to get added equipment and office space. Getting a Virtual Assistant service helps you keep with all the functions of your business without any hassles as they are already experienced and trained agents and do their job efficiently.

  1. A Virtual Assistant Knows What Need To Be Done

Another major problems small startups face is having a full time working employee as they do not have enough functions to keep them busy. They might be too much workload in some months and not enough in other months. This creates a big problem where you are using your employee to the maximum and shelling out huge amounts of money. So what’s the point of paying someone full time when the frequency of work fluctuates and you can get a Virtual Assistant to get the project completed without having to give lots of money. Having a Virtual Assistant service gives you the option of using their time which can vary from a few hours weekly or many hours a day and at the same time adjust according to the business requirements.

When you have the flexibility to modify the hours you need your assistant to work confirms that you’re compensating for the labor you require.

  1. Increase Your Efficiency

Running a business means you have a lot on your plate already. You are responsible for a wide range of functions that drain you completely in the end of the day. After working so hard you feel that you gave got so little done which decreases your productivity and fail in keeping up with your customers.

If we told you that you can dodge these time consuming and tedious part of your business and just sick to taking the vital business decisions.

For instance, if your company requires support for customer queries, tele calling, social media chats, 24/7 customer availability, inbound and outbound calls. You can’t think of having everything structured at once as you need to look into many factors such as company expenditure, office space, infrastructure, equipment, etc. this whole process takes up all of your time and still doesn’t guarantee the productivity and growth of your business.

To get someone to perform these small primary steps of the bigger tasks lets you concentrate on the bigger picture and the expansion of your business, making you highly productive and less stressed out.

Syrow being one of the top customer support outsourcing business which has 24/7 availability, multi-channel interaction choices such as email, live chat, phone, and social media. Our well-trained agents and sufficient technological resources, are specialized to provide quality support services which helps in increasing your business productivity and sales. Get in touch with us to discover more about our customer services.

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