It is really important for any entrepreneur to hire the right Executive, especially when it comes to hiring individuals for calling. Different people have different perceptions about call centre executives. But it is the HR/Entrepreneur who needs to focus on certain characteristics of the individuals before hiring. The process is costly and time taking, as the entire process begins with hiring the right candidate. In this article today, we are going to shed some light on the best practices for hiring agents for calling activity.

The first thing is, you need to create the profile of a good executive. List down the skills, behaviours and attributes. And then you have to provide your HR recruiter with a perfect candidate profile which in turn acts as a blueprint for hiring the right resource. If you can do this, then there are high chances even if you hire small number of men/women, they will be really efficient in their work.

Hiring the Best Resource is no Easy Task

Prepare a solid list of questions that you will ask. It is very important that you ask the right questions. This will let you determine whether the candidate possesses the necessary skills you are looking for; and then you need to score them depending on the answers they offer. For that too, you need to know what sort of answers you are looking for. When you know it, you will be able to complete the agent profile sheet, and this is crucial for all BPO Companies.

Discuss with your HR about the current recruitment strategies and then identify what works and what doesn’t. Make sure to have multiple or backup hiring strategies to explore. One more factor you need to keep in mind is to make use of a competence-based assessment tool as a part of hiring process. If you have this tool, it should access the skills and the personality traits of your potential employees to a large degree. These traits are important to know whether your agent is happy and satisfied in your company. If you know what makes an employee more effective, you will know what you can provide for your newly hired agent.

You have to make use of the behaviour-based interview questions. Ask the candidate if you can provide specific examples of their previous jobs where they actually demonstrated the ability to handle complicated situations. For instance, you can ask the candidate, “Please tell me about a certain time when you have dealt with an unreasonable request from a customer”. This will help you know how patient a candidate is, how well s/he can communicate and finally how efficiently s/he can handle an unreasonable customer without making them angry.

Now, you need to be completely honest about the company and yourself. Provide complete details about the company and what you are going to offer to the candidate as salary, the holidays and incentive. If there are non-traditional work schedules/shifts, tell them about it openly. Give them the chance to listen to calls and then decide how well he/she can access the calls.

Outsourcing Your Call Centre Operations to Syrow is The Answer to Avoiding Hiring Pitfalls

When you outsource your Customer Service or Tele Calling requirement to an established & proven third-party provider like Syrow, you take out a lot of the additional responsibilities and added pressures off the table, allowing you to concentrate on your core business operations. Say you’re an E-commerce startup that is still looking to get the supply chain and logistics division in place. When you go about setting up an in-house call centre by conducting an interview phase, shortlisting and hiring candidates, you are losing valuable time which could’ve been best utilised in perfecting your logistics and inventory management, which forms the backbone of any E-commerce firm.

Also hiring the right resource is just the first hurdle that you encounter amongst others. Another crucial factor you would want to consider is how to retain your best performing resource in a volatile market. Employees these days are quite savvy, and thanks to the myriad opportunities that keep coming up in the market, they are bound to switch jobs. This leads to the problem of attrition which in turn leads to loss of your service quality, which directly impacts customer satisfaction and sales. Now that’s not a good thing to any business that operates in the B2C market.

Leverage Syrow’s Expertise on Hiring the Best Talent for Your Operations

Syrow’s long standing commitment to excellence in supporting startups and small-to-medium business organisations has enabled us to streamline our hiring process to pick the right talent from a vast talent pool that is out there. Syrow believes that a Customer Care Provider is only as good as its executives; and hence walks the extra mile in hiring and retaining the best talent available. One of the major reason is that a good resource chooses to quit their existing job is lack of growth. Syrow addresses this problem by offering employees a clear career growth roadmap for them to thrive and grow, be it for an Agent, Lead, QA, Manager, Trainer, etc. This ensures that the best talent get motivated and remain committed to help the call centre achieve its goals.

Our carefully crafted hiring strategy enables us to clearly find the type of resource that the job requires, whether it is for 24hr Phone Support or 24hr Chat Support. Following a stringent background check and other references, we are able to pick the most resourceful agent who is adept at handling the complexity of the job, irrespective of challenges. Now since Syrow has a system built-in that can do all this effectively, you not only save hiring costs but also valuable time, as we can have the best talent pool start working on your operations from day 1 without downtime. This is what makes Syrow an efficient and reliable Customer Service Provider for Startups since we’ve have helped many such cash-strapped businesses to provide excellent customer service at fractional costs.

If you’re interested in availing 24hr Customer Service or just want some queries answered, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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