You just cannot deny the fact that it is a monumental task to deliver excellent customer service to your clients. And this fact is true no matter which industry you’re in; be it healthcare, real estate, banking or ecommerce, your customers become your number one priority and thus you have to ensure their satisfaction at all times. There are a lot of things you need to consider starting from cutting of additional costs to the target revenue you set for every year.

It is really essential to set up a call centre to ensure that your business thrives. However can you take a plunge into uncharted waters by investing so much money and resource into setting up an in-house contact centre? And then you also need to deal with additional operating costs and manpower that could take your focus away from your core business. So what’s the best way out? Outsource your call centre operations and leave it to the experts to offer your customers an unmatched level of service delivery.

The basic functionality of customer service outsourcing to a third party is to and make sure that your customers are satisfied with timely response to all of their queries. Here are a few ways in which you can benefit by outsourcing your call centre operations.

Provide incredible customer service:

Remember – Your business is dependent on your customers and not the other way round. Simply put, the more customers you can get, the more revenue you will make. So you need to make sure that you can provide best-in-class customer care service by building strong connections with customers. You need to be able to offer them accurate information, timely resolution and make it easy for any customer to get in touch with your company personnel. If a customer finds it difficult to contact a call centre employee of your company, you will lose a prospective sale. With a reliable and reputed customer care provider on board assisting you, you’ll never lose a prospect.

Hiring phone fighters:

Revenue in a call centre is generated by the number of calls you can make. Yes, ultimately your agents will determine how many calls they can make in a day, but you need to hire such people who are enthusiastic enough to handle high volume calls. When compared to newly setup in-house contact centres whose agents lack the knowledge and expertise, experienced call centre companies will already have hired the most competent agents to do your work faster with efficiency. Such companies can also offer Call Centre Software solutions to make their work easier and motivate them.

Personalised selling:

This is the most effective ways of selling that only a few outsourced BPO companies are able to provide. In fact Personalised selling should be the process for selling in all the call centres. In this type of selling, the call centre you outsource to will be making a connection with your customer offering them personalised services to increase the chance of sale.

Importance of training:

To deliver excellent customer service and gain revenue, your employees need to be well trained. All your agents must be taught to recognize the sales opportunities and make the most of them. They have to know how to convert a customer interaction into a sales interaction. This kind of training comes with expertise that only proven call centre companies are able to furnish.

Take advantage of mobile technology:

You must find a trusted contact centre that can engage your customers with newer ways and offer more convenience to get connected with you easily. Offer them SMS services, 24hr Email & Social Media Support and even 24hr Chat Support to empower your customers and generate revenue in return.

Syrow Has Helped Hundreds of Small-to-Medium Business Pump Up Their Revenue

With its expert staff and resources, Syrow has been a top-notch Customer Service Provider for Startups and established businesses alike to gain a foothold and increase their revenue consistently. When companies choose to outsource their contact centre operations to Syrow, they are always ensured of the following –

  • A proven track record and strict adherence to guidelines
  • Best-in-class infrastructure to run the operations
  • Secure networks to offer 100% protection of sensitive data

Syrow has been a leader of employing innovative solutions to upsell a company’s products/services. One of them is by –

Taking advantage of On-Hold time: This is a good opportunity that many call centre companies miss out. When you already have the attention of the customer and you need to put them on hold, then instead of just playing some random music, you can make them aware about the new products and promotions of your company.

The positive experience from the customers can truly turn into repeat business, which means more revenue for your company. This also helps build Customer loyalty which goes a long way in retaining your customers.

To find out more about how Syrow’s 24hr Customer Service can help you achieve more business revenue, call or write to us.

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