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Process Mapping is not new but as time goes by, the various process mapping software or tools keep improving to make businesses increasingly efficient.

In the Customer Service sector, documents with graphic representations of work flow or model flow charts, known as Process Mapping tools capture Customer Service activities such as calls processing, issue tracking, resolutions and billing. This makes it easier to track daily work flows, find gaps and improve progressively.

It has been said that Process Mapping or Process Improvement is the key to ultimate Customer Experience Management.

Now, let’s get into specifics…

Here are 5 ways that you can improve your customer service with Process Mapping:

1) Find the Gaps

Customer Service agents or companies are required to handle customer issues related to every process in the customer purchase journey. Process mapping can clear the picture making the agents aware of where things are and who’s responsible.

Since process mapping can demonstrate any department’s work flow, it can be used to track purchases, pain point issues and offer quick resolutions for problems in the system. Customer service agents can even quickly locate billing issues in this manner.

2) Make Customers The Focus

A well planned issue resolution process places customers right at the top. This encourages the entire customer support mechanism to work towards pleasing the customer. Without a graphic representation of the work flow or process, customer agents often get lost in finding a solution and somehow, neglecting the customer.

A hierarchy based process map visually portrays the customer’s role right at the top. This surprisingly goes a long way in boosting customer satisfaction levels.

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3) Offer Transparency To The Process

With process mapping, there are no grey areas about where the problems lie. In customer service, the process map can cover every stage of purchase, payment, delivery and then continue till after sales. Though all these functions are not necessarily conducted by the customer support teams, they are in a better place to know who is responsible at every phase.

Process Mapping also increased the chances of finding co-creative solutions between various departments within and outside the customer support company or section. This is especially helpful for large sized conglomerates with multiple departments.

4) Resolve Team Issues

When creating process maps, there are meetings that take place within departments. During these, customer service agents discuss the role of each person or department in the process. This is a good time to address team issues which may have not come up otherwise.

Regular review meetings of the process map can help streamline the work flow and iron out any internal issues that the teams may be experiencing.

5) Boost Efficiency

The topmost benefit of process mapping in customer service is a higher efficiency levels with quick resolutions and eradicating any bottle-necks.

With a simplified and streamlined work flow that is represented in detailed documents, the customer service function becomes easier and cleaner. Customer engagement levels improve while customer support teams can get better outreach.

Once the process is spelled out, there are no apprehensions in escalating a problem. Everyone’s joint goal is to find quick resolution as per the process.

The best process mapping documents in CX departments include a solid template, day to day task list, well defined communication channels and assigned team allocation.

Most activities on a process map are already being conducted by customer support teams. However, when you put every detail of the work process down on paper, it all seems much clearer.

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