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The Hospitality sector is one of the worst hit in India and the world. The second wave has pushed some of the top hotel chains to shut shop. Cities most affected include Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune. However, restaurants, shared accommodation set-ups and boutique hotels have found their place in the market and are taking steps to cater to new customer preferences.

Let’s find out the latest customer support trends that are assisting hospitality players: 

1) Social media platforms as regular communication modes

Social media was traditionally used for extracurricular activities, travel sharing or networking with family and friends. In the past few years, with more companies and brands creating social media pages, it has become a tool for consumers to receive instant messages and even live streaming information from their brands. Image and video-based platforms are ideal for Hospitality as they provide experiential inputs for customers to make decisions about their staying, dining or socializing events. 

Just like advertising on social media has taken off, so has customer communication via direct messaging windows.

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2) AI-enabled, VR and AR customer service

Though in-person links are still preferred in Hospitality, AI backs these with customer data. The most common AI customer service tool is chatbots which allows companies to cater to simultaneous requests and questions from customers all over the world.

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Other digital assistance includes sharing 360 room views, personalised travel itinerary, providing safety personalised safety dockets and individualized food menus. All personalised mechanisms are basically backed by AI.

VR-based tours and guides are catching on as well to enhance the customer experience.

3) Mobile-friendly websites and booking apps

The mobile trend is not new. But it is more relevant today than ever. Many hospitality players such as hotel booking websites, boutique hotels, AirBnB set-ups and restaurants possess impressive websites. However, when viewed from a mobile phone, the experience is not as rich.

Apart from changing the focus via mobile content from ‘open for conferences’ or ‘book your party’ to the likes of ‘find solitude and safety’, players need to present information and be available via Whatsapp, Social Media Messaging or Chat over the phone.

4) Longer stay options or staycations

Its the effect of lockdown, the need to get away and uncertainties of the immediate future have led many customers to opt for long stay options. As a hospitality player who provides such accommodation ideas, it needs to ensure all customer needs are taken care of and regular updates are shared on housekeeping, hygiene and other steps to manage customer experience.

Again, helpful chatbots, Whatsapp customer service and personalised offerings are the way to support staycation customers.

5) Sustainable set-ups and amenities

Being a sustainable hotel, restaurant or cafe can go a long way in attracting new customers and keeping current ones happy. This includes not using plastics, paperless transactions, personalised cooking and portions to avoid waste and eco-friendly lighting. Many customers are choosing restaurants to order in or eat at based on their vegan options.

This is a trend that can be supported by providing customers with information such as blogs, instruction or promotional videos and direct mailers. Brands supporting environmental or social issues are attracting a global customer base that is sensitive to these matters.

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