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There are many theories out there on the right path to raise your CX Maturity levels. But they all basically mean the same thing – know the problems, fix them, address the entire mechanism and finally, optimize it all.

As companies clamor to find solutions to their CX issues, the 4 step customer experience maturity model is a good starting point. Of course, each company has its own set of unique concerns. But we’ve taken 4 easy and flexible steps to explain them better. 

Here are our 4 steps of Customer Experience Maturity:

Level 1: Aware

This awareness pertains to your realization of the problems that exist in your CX. A sound way to get the full picture is through data and metrics. Some have benefited from customer agent feedback or talking to those who deal with your customers currently. Issues could lie anywhere so ensure you pull up all the data including customer conversations via chat and email.

Enterprises found that metrics such as website traffic, blog post views and success in online campaigns gave them valuable insight to upgrade their CX. Another point that proves Customer Support is greatly linked to marketing messages.

Level 2: Anchor/Rectify

Next, once you have pin pointed your customer pain points, you can easily resolve them. This does not happen using a one time analytic research report. You need to keep checking on a monthly or quarterly basis to understand exactly where the gaps lie.

Investigate all the customer touch points via multiple channels, and find similar complaints and this will give you an insight into what the biggest problems are. An omni-channel platform is the right way to identify customer issues via email, calls, social media, ticketing, chat and more. Fix these soon as the Customer Accountability Forum has found a 50% drop in complaints and a 28% decrease in customer attrition by rectifying errors promptly.

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Level 3: Align

Now, look inwards and outwards! This means while you’re fixing customer pain issues, you also need to look within your organisation. Is your customer support team using the right processes and systems to solve customer grievances and complaints rapidly? 

Restructure your internal teams to make sure there are no cracks in your internal processes. Invest in technology that bumps up your reaction time, offers customer support agents content and backs your AI chatbot when humans are not around.

If you don’t wish to invest in setting up a full-fledged customer support system, outsource your customer support care to a professional customer support company. 

Level 4: Augment

Finally, optimize and augment your customer support to the next levels. Utilizing a systematic process can help you to steadily improve and scale towards your highest return. Also when you align your tools to capture every issue along the customer life cycle, you will be able to take your CX to an optimum level.

Measure every customer engagement and experience to assist your company to urge customers through every stage of the sales funnel.

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