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As the automotive industry changes, car companies are realizing the importance of top ranking CX in staying relevant and ahead of competition. Factors such as digitization, car hiring apps and increased traffic on the roads are affecting the sale of cars. Companies that deliver optimum CX are the ones being noticed by the modern consumer. 

A car is usually the second most expensive investment that an individual makes, after a home. Studies show that the more expensive a product is, the more chances there are that the buyer will continue wondering about the decision to purchase it! Good CX is basically reassuring customers that they have made the right decision by offering support and opening up communication channels.

Here are some reasons why good CX is essential for car manufacturers in today’s times:

Move away from traditional car ownership

Traditional American brands such as Ford are struggling towards digital engagement in order to boost their online ranking. However, fresh companies such as South Korean Kia Motors has taken the lead to elevate customer experience management across all customer touch points.

Kia was the very first car brand to present the Indian car consumer with an online platform that offers convenience along the entire customer journey. The brand’s research on the Indian market gave them insight into young buyer preferences, resulting in success for their Seltos and Sonet brands. This was in a market that preferred easy mobility, flexible options, high tech features and valued ownership.

Another factor that has impacted the need to own a traditional car is the increasing demand in electric vehicles and possibly the beginning of an era of autonomous vehicles.

Better customer data and CX delivery methods

When advanced customer data is available to all auto players, the ones that use it optimally, will succeed!

Data analytics about existing or potential customers is the first move in providing high CX. One can offer personalised offerings, predict actions or trigger steps such as reminder for servicing, information about new parts or features etc. Latest automation tools, omni communication channels and AI powered customer support enable companies to recognize and isolate customer habits and patterns. This results in proactive customer experience management that is vital.

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It also lowers the amount of stress placed on outsourced customer support agents or internal customer support teams, allowing resource allocation in other areas of business.

Today’s consumers desire optimal experiences from each purchase and across multiple platforms. This has pushed auto players to go beyond the expected and offer a range of services that boost their CX. Every convenience, feature or monitoring mechanism adds to a company’s offering. Many car players are also outsourcing their customer support function via live chat outsourcing or AI customer support for more refined customer experience management.

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