The trend to outsource Customer Service activities is a popular one. Many SMEs and Startups rely on third parties for these services and have been for many years. But how does one understand or check how well-trained Customer Service teams are, especially when they operate from another location or time zone?

First of all, as a company hiring the services of a BPO Call Center, you should check how experienced the company, kind of team they have, and support software system they use.

However, apart from these, there is an important aspect that many companies either overlook or are unsure of whether they are allowed to inquire further.

The point being referred to is the level and frequency of training sessions of a Customer Service team.

Why is training important for Customer Service team?

Customer Service is a vital business component, it is also evolving with the consumer and market dynamics.

As your brand grows, and product or service line develops, it is imperative that your customer service team stays on par. Also, every Customer Success Advisor (CSA/CSR) needs to understand the changing customer preferences with regards to the ways they use to communicate.

As global business evolves and transforms, even the most talented customer service employees need to keep themselves up to date with the training and development sessions.

Here are some indicators and points to look for in your well-trained outsourced Customer Service team:

1) High Domain Knowledge

The first aspect to check is relevant knowledge, especially if yours is a dynamic one. Most customer service partners will allocate the Client Success Manager (CSM) and you will interact with them. During the initial knowledge transfer, you can gauge knowledge levels of the Manager and Trainer, and their domain expertise while enlightening them with your business objectives etc.

Though one may argue about detailed domain knowledge requirements, it’s always better for a Customer Success Manager/Trainer to know more than what’s in the ready manual.

2) Quick and Efficient

Sometimes, even if your customer service team is not highly experienced in your domain, they can be quick to grasp. If the team is confident to begin working on your account within 24 to 48 hours, it’s most likely to be an efficient team.

The sooner you begin your account, the better it is. A customer service team that takes a week or more to set up, can mean an overburden for your internal team or it may also result in losing a few customers and your good image. So choose an efficient team that has the best processes in place to take your account to live within 24 to 48 hours and stabilises further.

3) Good Communication and Multilingual Abilities

Though everyone assumes and expects customer service teams to be fluent in their communication, not everyone checks the level of training in this department. Language and literary skills, soft skills development and communication abilities are also continually changing. Every customer service team needs to keep homing and polishing their communication – written and spoken.

Customers vary geographically in not only language but also dialect, tone and certain expressions. English is the universal language that every customer service agent ought to be proficient with but if your buyers live in the interiors or rural areas, your team should be able to help them out easily.

4) Omnichannel Capabilities

There is much talk about omnichannel customer care. This merely means customers interacting with the team via various methods such as phone calls, audio calls from web/app, video calls, chat, email, or social media among others. In an omnichannel setup, all the channels are available via one unified interface. This creates synchronicity between the multiple channels and communication pieces.

When it comes to the customer servicing team, it is important for them to know how to utilize Omnichannel systems for the customers’ and their own benefit.

5) Proactive Tendencies

When a customer service team is pro-active, it means it’s well trained and experienced.

Look for a company that offers feedback, suggestions and advice on improving your performance. This is done via monitoring Net Promoter Scores (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Customer Engagement Levels. Tools are required to track and measure metrics related to individual companies and brands. This is one proactive step.

As briefed above the good client servicing partner have many…

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By adopting a research-led approach, Syrow equips organizations with powerful insights that can transform the way they perceive business challenges. Syrow team consists of domain-specific experts who can help businesses to develop innovative strategies in order to compete and win in the industry segment they operate.

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