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Every few years, new challenges crop up in handling customer base. Earlier, they could contact you to inquire or report a grievance in limited ways. Today, it all depends on the nature, preference and demographics of a customer how they talk to you and more importantly, how you talk back.

Since communication is a two-way channel, every company needs to keep up with their customers’ evolving needs. If they wish to chat, you need to as well. Whereas, if they desire long written explanations, you can’t shy away from granting them this.

One way to overcome the multiple channel issue is by simply offering them many modes. A phone number, an email address, a chat window, a face-to-face video calling option etc. But a better option is when all these and more are presented on one unified platform.

This is known as an Omnichannel system and it’s the only real way to master multiple customer support channels.

Benefits of an Omnichannel Customer Service Platform

Not many understand the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel systems and often mistake one for the other. A key difference is all channels work independently in the multi-channel system. There is no interconnection between Phone, Email, Chat, Tickets etc. Whereas the omnichannel system joins all the touchpoints, so whatever channel the customer chooses to communicate, all the information about the customer journey is at one place so the experience is consistent and unified.

We’ll explain the basics to you by merely highlighting the benefits of an Omnichannel setup:

1) It easily takes advantage of the multi-channel approach

2) It offers a unified platform for all communications and it is interconnected

3) Every channel can be accessed via multiple devices

4) More options can be included and added over time, in an integrated system

5) There is synchronicity between each channel so the customer experience is consistent

6) It’s more productive in building your brand and loyal customer base

Communication is more than just words. It’s the tone, expressions and emotions that get portrayed.

Essential customer support channels in today’s world

The other way to master the multiple support channel need in customer service is by knowing which channels work and offering them.

Here are the top favourite customer support channels that every company must be present on:

Phone Calls

Though preference change and the world evolves, nothing can replace a basic human communication tool. People like to speak to customer service agents as its natural to trust someone more when you hear their voice. Communication is more than just words. It’s the tone, expressions and emotions that get portrayed. When a customer needs help, they also need to hear that person’s voice who cares. This makes audio calls still one of the top choices in customer support and towards customer retention.

Audio Calls

Nowadays the telecom network is not so strong in certain areas or inside big buildings, often we face network signal issues. Whereas, Wi-Fi has become the de-facto ratio of communication. Calls over the Internet are much more reliable than the telecom network. So launching an audio call from the website via a desktop web browser or mobile browser or from inside custom Android and iOS app is much simpler with single button touch than searching for a number and dialing it.

Video Calls

Let’s take it to the next step! Integrated omnichannel platforms are now offering video calls for customer queries and complaints. It’s easier for some to show than to tell. Video calling also helps in instruction and guidance regarding product assembly and usage.


There is a toss-up between bot chat and human chats. Surveys have shown that for some matters people don’t mind chatting with a machine but for certain others, they would really prefer to have a human on the other side! These days, it’s really difficult to make out the difference with such advanced programming. But in any case, a chat window option is important, as some people prefer to quickly type out the issue and expect an equally rapid reply.


Emailing is time immemorial. However, many companies over the years have made the mistake of either not checking their emails., emails bouncing back due to errors, or incorrect email ids. Today, this can result in grave consequences. Though customers don’t expect immediate replies to their emails, they do expect constructive ones.


Raising a ticket is simple. But in a non-omnichannel setup, a call made two weeks ago and a ticket raised today by the same customer may not find any linkage. That’s when ticketing can go wrong. Also, people utilize ticketing to keep track of progress, making this an important tool for both company and customer.

Social Media

Of course, this young generation media has multiple usages. The same customer that poses with your product on Instagram one day, can hashtag your company name with a serious complaint very next day. Social media feedback can be managed but more importantly, needs proactive customer support efforts. This can happen with a unified omnichannel system and only with a well-experienced customer service partner.

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