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Companies utilizing the SaaS model are increasing day by day. It’s a platform that suits business and customers alike, creating a seamless customer experience.

Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Zendesk are all SaaS based.

What exactly is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service is a common term in today’s business scenario. It simply refers to cloud-based services that can be accessed via computers or mobile phones, and can include various kinds of office software or apps.

Another important segment of the SaaS market, is the UCaaS industry which revolves around various cloud-based communication channels via a unified platform. UCaaS or unified communication channels can deliver omni-channel services such as multi-platform customer support among others.

SaaS has begun playing a major role in business for quite some time. However, lately many companies that were not online earlier have begun offering cloud based services for profitable business continuity.

Let’s find out why:

1) Increased Customer Ease

Mobile or computer applications make it so much easier for customers to select, purchase, pay and get products or services delivered to them. This leads to better customer satisfaction and boosts brand value.

Customers don’t need much more than a device and an internet connection to operate multiple apps to satisfy their needs.

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2) High Security

Everyone worries about sharing their personal information online. But cloud-based applications or platforms are much more secure than traditional storage platforms.

In 2008, only a little more than 10% of businesses used cloud based apps. Today, nearly 75% of businesses globally are moving towards the cloud.

3) Minimal Investment

Companies utilizing SaaS are required to pay as they use with no upfront costs. Many use the chargeback system where they are charged only for relevant IT services.

For business applications, the subscription model offers a high level of flexibility depending on the features installed. This allows the financial freedom to invest in other business areas.

4) Less Maintenance

SaaS-based modules that operate via the cloud do no require complicated installation or maintenance. Earlier on premise software needed constant upgrades and supervision. There was an IT team that handled this.

But with the cloud, there are no professionals required to hire and a considerable drop in IT costs.

5) Better Performance

Deployment via the cloud results in quick and shows superior results. Expansion to new product or service areas or fresh markets does not entail additional investment or delay. You may simply add in more users.

There are also less business disruptions as you grow. Unlike physical set-ups, it is not required to hire new employees or purchase new hardware. This is a freeing thought for most businessmen wishing to expand their operations.

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6) Multiple Features

There are very few limitations with Cloud-based SaaS businesses. You may create a host of highly advanced features to suit your business and bolster your offerings.

In fact, as the current application is running, you may add innovative features as they will run in the background and not disrupt services.

Hence, as the world moves towards a more technologically enhanced environment, cloud based operations make the most sense. You may now adapt, add, evolve and grow with ease as you head, stress-free towards success.


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