Cloud Telephony is a technologically refined method of communication that enables a host of traditional and new-age services towards improved Customer Support Services.  Let’s find out what role Cloud Telephony plays today and how you can choose the best Cloud Telephony Company to assist you during these times….

Enterprises across the board are ramping up their Customer Support functions. Though the e-commerce sector seems like it’s the most active in this department, let us inform you that other industries are not lagging behind…

As the importance of retaining clients over continually focusing on acquiring new ones increases, the MSMe market is fast realizing that Customer Support is the key to Customer Retention.

In 2020, Customer Support has emerged as a highly advanced industry. It has surpassed the single phone lined company receptionist attending to customer grievances scenario eons ago! Today, we have the privilege of experiencing super efficient omni-channel platforms catering to every type of customer via his or her preferred mode of communication. There is audio and video calling, chatting with humans and bots, social media messaging, email, ticketing … the whole gamut!

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Since the more advanced or rather, non traditional modes of communication, such as chatting with a bot and communicating through social media are restricted to a certain younger or tech savvy section of society, telephone calling still reigns as the preferred mode of customer communication.

This where Cloud Telephony enters the story….

What is Cloud Telephony?

To begin with, let’s truly understand how simple, yet quite effective Cloud Telephony is.

Cloud Telephony is advanced communications technology or calling system that utilizes the Cloud to enhance client calls and customer support. It stores client information and retrieves it instantly to help customer care agents to offer customers well informed guidance and quick resolutions. It involves hosting all communication devices or applications with the service provider.

Enterprises wishing to deploy Cloud Telephony services need not purchase any hardware or install any special software on their premises.

You can avail of Cloud Telephony services namely IVR, local and international calling, the availability of local, mobile or toll-free numbers, call forwarding or distributing, call details and notes, auto and predictive dialing, automated bot-enabled sms, 3-way calling, call whispering and loads more… 

Here are a few tips on how to choose a Cloud Telephony service that best caters to your customer service needs…

Choosing the most beneficial Cloud Telephony service

1) Installation and Trial

At the onset, ensure your Cloud Telephony provider offers you a basic trial period in which you can test the system and see how well it works with your customers. Usually, this trial period is free and does not include any fancy applications. But it’s enough to gauge the Cloud Telephony experience and understand its value.

The other part of this point is a quick installation. The less time it takes to setup and begin operations, the better it is for your company. This also applies to getting on a complete full-suite customer support module in place. A 24 hour set-up period including knowledge transfer and system integration is possible and ideal.

2) Transparent Billing & Packages

Identify a Cloud Telephony service that gives you tailored packages that suit your budget. Depending on the amount you are able to invest, you will be given certain features such as analytics and reporting services. You can choose the ones you need and ask for a fixed monthly billing amount that includes everything.

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3) Privacy & Security

It’s important to know how secure your company information is with your Cloud Telephony provider. In most cases, a well established Cloud Telephony company is a better bet than a fresh one when it comes your security.

Most companies integrate their Cloud Telephony with other customer service functions within CRM such as ticketing, chatting, emailing. In such cases, it is imperative to work with a trusted Cloud Telephony player.

4) Real-Time Analytics

Though you have a choice in selecting functions that suit your budget, real-time analytics is something you should not compromise on. It is the biggest advantage of a cloud-based function such as Cloud Telephony.

So, select a Cloud Telephony Service provider that gives you true-to-life analytics in format’s that are easy to understand. Also it’s helpful when your Cloud Telephony or Customer Support teams are able to advise you on company decisions based on vital analytics as a value added function.

5) Customer Service

Many Cloud Telephony companies offer similar technology and features as per the prevalent market. But top quality Customer Service can only be achieved if the agents utilizing the Cloud Telephony system are knowledgeable, capable, efficient, and available at all times.

Almost every company worth its salt, uses an IVR set-up but real customer satisfaction is achieved only once a well informed customer service agent comes on the line, after the wait.

Hence, choose a Cloud Telephony service company that also offers a complete Customer Service experience via a unified, omni-channel platform.

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Syrow – Your Omni-channel Customer Service Partner!

Syrow is one of the top Customer Service Outsourcing companies in India, offering a complete suite of 24 x 7 Customer Care Services. Exotel, the leading Cloud Telephony company has partnered with Syrow to include Cloud Telephony Services to the offerings.

Together, we utilize audio calls, video calls, live chats, chatbots, email, social media and ticketing services via a unified omni-channel interface.

Our advanced reporting and analytics assist companies with major business decisions.

For advanced Customer Service including Cloud Telephony services, contact us today. Our teams are waiting to hear from you.

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