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Every business, whether it is a service-oriented or product selling one, needs a robust customer support program. Your profits depend on your customers and not keeping them happy can result in a failed or slow business.

A comprehensive customer support system includes the latest technology, an omni-channel platform, secure cloud storage, trained agents and round the clock assistance. Offering only one or two of the above will not take care of all your customer-related issues.

So, how can one manage to have such a set-up without spending huge amounts?

Here are a few ways to provide optimum customer support without worrying about dipping into your profits:

1) Provide FAQs, Blogs & Tutorials

When customers are able to access basic information via your FAQ, blogs or tutorial sections, there is a minimal load out onto our customer support teams.

Data about product pricing, features, installation, maintenance, or even user tips can be posted on your website to make life easier for all. Detailed information about your industry or product innovation and such can be projected via a constant blog section.

Another method is to upload video tutorials that can explain a host of concepts and even steps to take in case of certain issues.

If you are outsourcing your customer support mechanism, the latest, documented data can even assist your agents to answer queries or offer information links to relevant customers.

2) Prompt Resolutions and Responses

Customer issues that stay neglected for long can end up creating bigger problems. A disappointed customer can post negative comments on your social media pages.

If you are not prompt to respond and offer immediate solutions, these kinds of events can create bad impressions on your current or potential customers.

Plus, when you value your customers’ time, they will return the favour by giving you repeat business and positive online reviews.

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3) Use Discounts and Deals

Though regular discounts may appear as expenses, in the long run, they have the capacity to generate return and new customers.

Every time an issue is resolved, go an extra step to offer a value deal to the customer.

Likewise, you may also try upselling which includes ideas such as subscription plans. Cross-selling is another method in which you give complimentary products or services, which are in line with what the customer has just bought.

Such steps will result in better customer support by not affecting your bottom line in any way.

4) Create Online Communities

Companies that create online communities or group discussion chat rooms, have found that customers can help one another, without having to contact the company directly.

If you manage these platforms, you will get to know the issues and if they need to be fixed from your side, you may act. But if there are common queries, other customers can step in on your behalf and give practical user advice.

In this way, user generated online content will help your company and customers equally.

5) Outsourcing the Customer Support Function

The best way to ensure you are not losing extra money is by outsourcing your entire customer support mechanism to an experienced customer support company.

They will offer you a cloud-enabled, omnichannel platform, that can manage to handle queries that come in from various sources. These include audio calls, chat questions, email tickets, or queries expressed via social media.

Trained agents combined with advanced AI work together to offer high quality customer support 24 by 7, in various languages and dialects.

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Syrow – Your Omni-channel Customer Service Partner

Syrow is one of the top Customer Service Outsourcing companies in India, offering a complete suite of 24 x 7 Customer Care Services.

Our customer care center works on behalf of our clients, to manage tasks efficiently using quality processes & services. We utilize audio calls, video calls, live chats, chatbots, email, social media and ticketing services. Syrow offers all tools, within your chosen package, including integration with third party applications like SalesForce, Zoho CRM, and Freshdesk.

We also provide Customer Satisfaction scores for short-term customer loyalty records and Net Promoter Scores for long-term loyalty indications.

For guidance or services for your customer service requirements, contact us today. Our teams are waiting to hear from you.

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