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Consumers have been pushed to rapidly accept digitization during the pandemic and Real Estate customers are a definite inclusion in this trend. This has resulted in Real Estate Developers utilizing technology, especially AI, in innovative ways to enhance the entire customer journey and take CX up to futuristic levels. Experiential personalised online shopping, data-driven customer support and automated after-sales tips and reminders are just some of the features that the modern real estate consumer has the privilege of experiencing.

For Indian real estate players, conventional business models are being replaced with online systems and processes. This has been a challenging move for most real estate companies due to the rigid brick and mortar aspect of this business. This industry apprehension however, is fast dispersing as an increasing number of builders and developers are witnessing the value in modernization and its benefits. These include competitive advantage, high brand recall and strong customer engagement.

So, let’s see how exactly technology is boosting CX for real estate companies:

AI-supported data and customer support automation

AI is a commonly used abbreviation in today’s times, but what does it mean for real estate players? 

Artificial Intelligence primarily refers to machine learning systems that are able to collect and analyze huge amounts of consumer data. In the past, this data was being wasted or ignored. Today, it is being used to direct business decisions, secure businesses and support customers pro-actively.

Real Estate companies and Property agents are utilizing AI to manage their listings and market their properties. Without investing a great deal in AI, you can also automate emails or chat support. AI-enabled chatbots are able to handle most customer queries before humans are required to enter the picture. They do this based on intuitive, stored personalised customer data and preferences for much better customer experiences.

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AR and VR-based customer support

In the New Age, augmented or virtual reality is enhancing CX with highly personalized and experiential episodes. In Real Estate, VR-based property walk-throughs to aid house hunting and promote interior design ideas are most popular.

Virtual tours are especially useful in times of social isolation or travel restrictions when planning to move to new locations. Popular real estate player introduced a feature called Makaan view which enabled a potential customer to point to a physical building and download information about it regarding rate, availability status, property owner etc. 

Digitization also allows transparency and efficiency.

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With the government taking measures to regulate the real estate sector, digitization and technology is a natural step in the right direction. A year of introducing RERA, we are still seeing its effects on the various states.

The future for Indian Real Estate is bright and characterized by touchscreen customer interaction screens, 3D floor plans and seamless purchase processes. Players aspiring to succeed have the opportunity to innovate and advance their operations using latest technology tools.

If you need guidance on automating your customer support, outsource to an AI-enabled customer support team for the best CX.

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