Your online conversion rate simply refers to how well your website turns visitors into customers. A high conversion rate is a vital quality that every website should have. It draws in potential buyers, engages them and leads to sale. 

For potential consumers to be led to your website, it is essential to undertake PPC ad campaigns, social media efforts, blogging, video posting and other online marketing initiatives. These activities bring target buyers closer to making a purchase from your website. They push customers down the sales funnel, towards the last stage of customer loyalty or long term customer relationships.

Also, in 2020, the top websites globally experience around 11% conversion rate. That’s the ultimate best! Most successful websites get 2% to 5% while a majority of websites on the internet get less than 1% conversion and are still doing pretty well.

Here are few website conversion tactics will help you to close more deals:

1) Specialized Landing Pages

Many business websites make the mistake of directing interested buyers to the HOME page of their website. Occasionally, you may get directed to a complicated landing page or directly to an enquiry form without any details. The best approach is to design crisp and appealing dedicated landing pages for each product, service or product/service category. 

This cuts out unnecessary steps and distractions, making it simpler for a potential buyer to make a purchase decision in their specific desired area.

2) Testimonials and Reviews

The next step is to include recommendations and reviews on your product landing pages. Customers rely heavily on opinions of other buyers. Most e-commerce sites include ratings and reviews but if your website is not an e-commerce one, add in the reviews section to make it easier on your buyers.

Usually a truly interested buyer will search online for a review about your company. They access websites such as Glassdoor, Mouthshut, TripAdvisor and even Quora for genuine consumer feedback and opinions. However, searching for reviews is a time consuming activity and can discourage potential buyers. So, it’s always beneficial to provide the reviews yourself and mention the source to offer credibility.

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Also, high value testimonials, logos of well known brands, all add to urge customers towards enquiry or booking.

3) Interactive Live Chat

A chat option is a great way for potential buyers to clear any doubts in real time. Often online seekers will narrow down their search findings to 2 or 3 websites. If there have any queries, they will ask via the email id, phone number or chat option. Usually the websites that answer the quickest with the most satisfactory solutions, will land the deal.

The most efficient way to address customer queries is via an interactive chat function. It gives your customer the freedom, privacy and pace at which he or she wishes to interact. Ideally, a chat window, followed by an audio or video call works well to convert a buyer.

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4) Convenient Payment Options

You’d be surprised at how many cart abandonments occur at the payment gateway point. It is usually lack of options or a complicated purchase process that can turn away a buyer at the last minute.

Replace a complicated registration process with an easy OTP login mechanism. Once directed to the payment options, include all top banking options, credit card/debit card, GooglePay, Paytm, PhonePe, UPI, the works. You can never have too many options! Give your customer or client the freedom to choose what he or she prefers to make them feel special.

Added to these a money back guarantee or a no-questions-asked refund policy instills immense trust and can do wonders for your online conversion rates.

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