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It has been noticed that optimum CX takes more than merely setting up a sound sales or customer service outsource team. The idea of excellent Customer Experience Management should be apparent across all organizational function areas to be able to offer it via every customer touch point. 

Organizational set ups in the modern business context include 3 primary systems: 

1. The Decentralized System

2. The Hybrid Set-up

3. The Centralized System

Depending on which structure you choose, CX is planned and delivered in ways to suit that type of organizational set-up. 

In the Decentralized system, the various internal teams work independently on CX activities where as in the Centralized system, a specific unit is identified as the single point of contact that ensures CX is maintained and implemented by all departments. In the Hybrid set-up, however, a separate employee or consultant coordinates CX efforts across departments but is not responsible to enforce its implementation.

 Hence, an organizational set-up plays a direct role in how CX is managed in any business.

Team and Talent

If your employees are the ones delivering CX to your customers, they need to possess the right skill set and attitude. 

As a company, one would need to conduct regular training programs and work on developing employee strengths. By ensuring high job satisfaction levels and strong retention rates, employees are sure to deliver optimum CX, end to end. 

This can be done with soft-skill training that includes communication, team-building and negotiation skills. Employees who feel like an integral part of an organisation, working cohesively towards a common goal are more likely to result in positive Customer Experience Management. 

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Deloitte’s study on the impact of teams and organizational structure shows us that:

· Separate CX teams can handle individual CX initiatives while leaderships teams can be responsible for business-wide CX strategies

· Duplication and wastage can be avoided when we understand how every CX effort actually affects each customer journey

· Every business needs investment into their CX plans from one member of the top leadership team.

Outsourcing Customer Support as a Solution

Though ideally CX is offered via multiple company touch points, many enterprises choose to outsource their customer support function as a viable solution. 

Customer support agents enter the customer journey as soon as a sale is made. Every touch point after the purchase can be handled by trained teams, AI powered customer support mechanisms and omnichannel customer support platforms. Efficient response time over chat, email, social media and calling are the primary ways in which a customer support team can offer a positive CX. 

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A good resource bank can also support an internal or outsource customer support team with useful data on products and services. Explanatory blogs or videos, tips, D-I-Y manuals and tutorials also add to your CX levels.

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