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Patience is a virtue, no doubt, but when it comes to your customers, testing this virtue can cost you! Let’s find out why….

Delayed or a complete lack of response from your company, comes across as indifference towards the consumer. Even a repeated message on your IVR phone system telling customers how valued they are, while they wait, can backfire, especially if the customers are already frustrated and angry. Plus a long wait only results in stressed customers repeatedly thinking about the issue at hand, and getting further worked up. 

How Responses affect Customer Experience 

When we talk about offering the best customer experience, it covers every aspect of your interaction with the customer. The buyer journey begins with the selection and purchase of product or service but does not end at the sale. Many businesses still believe that once a customer buys a product, their job is done.

The fact is that customers need assistance at every step of their journey. If they contact you when trying to make a purchase decision, a wait can drive them towards a competitor. If there’s a problem with your website, payment gateway or tracking status, a delay in response from your side can end up discouraging them to buy or end up in an order cancellation. Post sale issues, when neglected, can cause a customer to never buy from you again. And worse, post negative reviews about your brand online. 

In this age of instant gratification, there are many options to satisfy consumer needs. And if you dont step up to the plate, you will lose the game!

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Personalisation can make up for a long wait

If a wait cannot be avoided, a good way to make up for it is by giving the customer more than they expected. 

Customer data can give you insight about a buyer’s likes and dislikes. Utilize this to get details on how to delight the customer with a free service, installation or add-on product. Also, when you are getting back to the customer on the problem in question, tell them that you are working on a personalized solution for their unique needs. This can ease some of their stress and ensure that you do not lose their loyalty. 

Letting the customer choose

Another option to ease a stressed customer is to install a callback option. When a customer calls with inquiries or complaints on a particular number, he or she can be directed to leave a message and be told that the company will get back to them.

This is much preferable than a long waiting period. 

It’s also beneficial to include a knowledge base or FAQs sheet which the customer can refer to and get answers on their own. However, make sure your FAQs sheet lists, if not all, but most of the problems that a customer can face.  Going through an FAQs document and not finding your issue can be aggravating. Also, include this at the end of every FAQ page: “If your problem is not listed here, please call us on (your customer support number)” Don’t let them go on another hunt for the right resource. Provide the option of a direct call to your customer support agent. 

Customer support companies and call centers have automated response systems, auto dialers and VOiP (voice over internet protocol) systems. The Virtual Assistant system handles all calls, without missing any and offers rapid responses. In fact, outsourcing your customer support can ensure that no customer has to ever wait. Support agents are equipped to respond, resolve and pacify customers, preferbaly in real time to ensure your customer base is happy.

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Some more suggestions to avoid the wait:

  • As mentioned earlier, a well curated knowledge base with blogs, instructional videos that is optimized. However, make sure these resources are easily read over laptop browsers and mobile phones
  • Include a toll free number or customer support number and mention it in all your communication.
  • Train or hire a well trained team of customer support agents you are adept in effective resolution 
  • Give your customers the choice of multiple communication channels such as email, chat, social media messenger, whatsapp or audio calling to ensure that if they can’t get through on one, they can on another. 
  • Always ask for customer feedback but also implement it if possible. 

Finally, remember that customers are people with jobs, families and other responsibilities. Most are overwhelmed with their lives and probably stressed. So  when a customer creates a connection with your brand, if you are able to help them by fixing their purchase related issue quickly and efficiently, you are easing some of their stress. So, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to make a customer happy to be associated with you. 

If you don’t want to make your customers wait any longer, contact us for ideas and assistance with your customer support. 

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