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Two innovative After Sales and Customer Support players, namely 247around and Syrow, are collaborating on their services.

247around are experts in the home appliance post purchase sector and are equipped to perform any tasks right from installation till disposal. They offer their clients such as Snapdeal, Paytm, Akai, Accosta, Wybor, Shino, Murphy and Weston among others, a top notch services support that involves easy app booking, online and on-ground diagnosing and affordable repair/ installation for a wide variety of appliances and brands.

Syrow, on the other hand, are experts in the field of customer support and offer an entire gamut of AI-powered customer support tools via a unified omni-channel system. This technology can be used to communicate with customers in real time using a multitude of mediums including Human/ AI chat, Audio/ Video Calls, Social Media Messaging/ Emails/ Ticketing etc. Added to this, Syrow’s trained teams are also efficient in in-bound call handling, out-bound telesales/telemarketing, intelligent IVR, grievance handling and fulfilment services in conjunction with media response handling.

The Indian Appliance Market

Last year owing to the pandemic, the Indian appliance market lost a considerable chunk of its sales, around 25% to be exact. This year, this sector plans to overcome the sector wide slump with a host of innovative and technological ideas. These include digital trends, alignment to new consumer preferences and maintaining contact with every end customer via various touch points and utilizing data analytics.

Hence, as a step in the right direction, the collaboration between Syrow and 247around will ensure the following:

1)    Advanced Analytics

As 247around provides after sales services such as installing and repairing, Syrow will be in a position to ramp up customer offerings by tracking each buyer. This will enable appliance sellers to tune their product range, recommendations, delivery and deals according to what their customers truly require.

Business Intelligence analytics are also driving major decisions about growth plans, new product lines and marketing campaigns, across this sector.

2)  Seamless Integration and Flow

Companies which incorporate Syrow into their operations are likely to experience a seamless migration with zero downtime and work disruptions. Knowledge transfer are likely to take place in less than 24 hours with a trained team being put into place, along with access to a diverse omni-channel platforms.

Meanwhile 247around’s technicians can be booked seamlessly via their app for any installation/ repair jobs, for every home appliance.

3)  Assistance via Omni-channel platform

An omni-channel platform is a unified system via which customer support agents can communicate with end customers. This platform supports audio and video calls, emailing, ticketing, social media sites, chat windows, SMS, Whatsapp etc.

Every piece of communication from a customer is recorded in the omni-channel system and can be accessed every time thecustomer contacts. This results in a cohesive solution that does not require the customer to repeat the problem every time he or she contacts us via chat, email or a call. The result is rapid resolution and quick turnaround time.

Any physical technical assistance required will be handled by the experienced 247around teams who will get immediate notification via their app or the omni-channel platform. They will quickly turn up at your door and perform the desired tasks.

4) Relentless Support with Warranties, Replacement and Repair

While 247around presents technical after sales support, Syrow can simultaneously provide information about warranty periods, options for replacements and other information to assist the end customers.

Syrow agents are also trained to resolve complaints, grievances and issues to keep customers satisfied and happy.

5)  Easy Onboarding, Upgrading and Downscaling

Appliance sellers can avail Syrow services and 247around’s assistance in easy steps and select a tailored package for their needs. In times of heavy traffic, festive sales or high demand, they can upgrade their package instantly whereas during the off-season, they can downscale and minimize their spending to suit their budgets.

This is a special offering that takes into consideration the dynamic appliance market and subsequent market highs and lows.

6)  Superior CX Levels

In the competitive appliance market, where brands and products being sold are similar, a superior customer experience can be the differentiating factor.

Every industry around the world that has survived the lockdown phase has done so by tapping into their customer base and learning to adapt to the evolving customer preferences & the Indian appliance market is no different. Customer driven insights are the key to overcome every hurdle and scale with ease.

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