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When India’s most trusted and reliable shipping aggregator, Shyplite, partners with Syrow, a leading customer service outsourcing company in India, it’s great news for all e-commerce companies, big or small!

As a shipping aggregator, Shyplite assists e-commerce companies to identify the perfect shipping partner, helps in last-mile delivery safely and accurately from the warehouse to the consumer with least effort. This shipping magnate has tied up with more than 30 shipping services to fulfill all shipping needs via a single dashboard, delivering to more than 27,000 pin codes in India & 220 countries worldwide. The logistics automation platform is also providing fulfillment centre services across India to simplify storage and fasten deliveries  Shyplite services are economical, completely automated, and easy to use.

Now imagine adding Syrow services to the offering and you have a self-sufficient system that includes:

  1. Shipping services to all over India and abroad
  2. Real-time tracking of each shipment
  3. Up to date SMS notifications of every shipment
  4. Top class ease and efficiency in complete shipping processes
  5. World grade customer support via an omnichannel system
  6. Dedicated Customer support team & automated chat support system
  7. First call resolution for all customer queries and complaints

And more!

Let us find some vital aspects of an effective shipping process that can greatly benefit from a sound customer support program:

1. Human Customer Support for COD & NDR orders

Marketplaces or sellers tend to avoid COD payment options due to the most obvious reasons. A customer who backs out and refuses to pay on delivery can result in loss and unnecessary expenses for the seller and shipping company However this can be avoided.

Every time there is a COD order, Syrow’s customer support agents will proactively verify with buyers to check:

  1. Their availability at the time of delivery
  2. Their ability to make the required payment
  3. If there are any issues related to making the payment at the time of delivery

This immediately takes care of COD problems and Non-Delivery issues, among others.

2. Better Communication

Customer support provides a two-way communication route between you and your customers. This is ideal to keep in touch, share crucial messages, send alerts either way and receive customer feedback.

Good customer support agents are trained in customer communication and know exactly how to approach a customer and deliver or obtain the required information. When operating via an exclusive and advanced OmniChannel platform, they can reach out to customers over multiple channels – audio, video, SMS, WhatsApp, email and even social media. This creates an open and transparent area of communication for shipping companies, resulting in better customer loyalty.

3. Brand Goodwill and Competitive Edge

Once you establish a two-way communication with the end consumer, it helps to build awareness and loyalty towards your e-commerce company brand.

Your customers will naturally post positive reviews and share beneficial stories about your brand and services via social media. You can also utilize a customer support team to conduct customer surveys, to be able to understand where you are falling short and improve, based on genuine feedback. Syrow will provide you with analytics on your customers and their habits.

Next, favorable ratings, positive reviews and high customer satisfaction rates puts you in a position to attract more clients. If you need to stand out among your competitors who offer the same or similar functions, your customer support team can help you with creating a solid brand image, popularity among customers and the advantage to acquire more business.

How can you avail Shyplite and Syrow’s joint services at an economical rate?

It’s easy!

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