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Communicating with your customers is the best way to know exactly what they want and to get frank feedback. But did you know that customer support strategies can be created to even deliver the right messages directly to your customers? These messages can be altered to convey your brand promises, keep customers updated on new launches or instill deep seeded trust.

Let’s find out how exactly companies are utilizing integrated messagesvia customer support channels, to boost their customer loyalty base and increase sales among other benefits:

1) Start a Two-way Conversation

A great way to keep the communication lines open at multiple levels is via an omni-channel customer service platform. Offer customers the option to chat, talk to, email or video conference your customer support team. This increases customer touch points and opportunities for you to deliver embedded messages to your customer base.

The omni-channel platform creates a seamless customer experience and due to its ability to make things so easy for your customers, they are more open to your specific messaging via their preferred channels. It can communicate with your customers via audio or video calls, chats, social media messaging, emails and ticketing.

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Utilize technology to your advantage. Today, every company or business, whether B2B or B2C, cannot survive without cloud services, omni-channel platforms, live chat software or social media communications.

2) Automate and Humanize

Utilizing a perfect blend of chatbots and human-supported customer support tools, allows you to constantly be available to your customers. The automated processes can deliver messaging via predetermined responses, FAQs while human customer support agents are able to offer more tailored messaging to resolve issues and communicate specific messages. 

Bots that work in the background are able to retrieve information about a customer and guide the customer support agents with relevant data to be able to deliver the right messages. This teamwork has many advantages!

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3) Use SMS Customer Support

Text messaging is no way a new technology to hit us! Its been around for decades but (like email!) continues to be the most effective form of messaging. When we combine this form with customer support strategies, the result is phenomenal.

It has been deducted that people will open an SMS almost 98% of the time! This is the reason behind the barrage of promotional text messages that you get each day. The trick to using this too in a beneficial manner is by utilizing a customer support team to frame and share messages that add value and portray your brand qualities.

4) Identify A Trained Customer Support Team

This is an important point to form a best practice for your customer service strategy. If you wondering why you don’t have wide and deep communication channels with your customers, it could mean two things:

1) You are not using a technologically advanced omni-channel customer support platform

2) Your customer support team is not well trained and knowledgeable. 

Delivering the right message is more than just finding the right words. The timing, tone, mode of delivery via chat, voice or email is vital. All these attributes carry the message in the way that it should. Even the nicest compliments expressed in a harsh manner can be misunderstood as sarcasm! This is a quick example of how communication matters. 

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Your customer support team should also be able to access multiple channels or platforms and be knowledgeable in your sector. Plus, a good understanding of your target consumer is vital.

As technology drives our customer support strategies, we can look forward to advanced tools such as Augmented and Virtual Realities, IoT connected devices and Artificial Intelligence that will further integrate targeted messaging via all customer support channels.

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