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Nearing the half yearly mark of 2022, we decided to take stock and find out if we’ve missed any CX trends that could make the rest of your year better.

When business strategies require complete redefinition due to massive changes in consumer habits, usage and priorities, exciting things happen. This has been the case for the past few years, since the global lockdown. CX gained major prominence and companies worked hard to hold on to customers. 

However, we soon learnt that we needed to work smart (using data!), instead of hard.

This is because the 2022 consumer is not only smart but spoilt for choice. He or she expects simplified user interfaces and personalized, enjoyable customer experiences. Anything lesser could get abandoned. 

In return, what companies get from customers is unpredictability! A customer is free to change his mind as he chooses. He will wander, compare, promise and back out… it’s a buyers’ world and they know it! And companies can only track and alter as per consumer fancies. But if done right, your company could get much more in exchange for your efforts – positive customer reviews, customers marketing your products, organic growth in consumer base and success in all you do. That’s why CX is vital and should be your guide in business. 

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Let’s list some salient points on what we have learnt about CX so far:

  • Multiple touch points along the customer journey are good. They give the opportunity to design a comprehensive CX strategy, spanning across promotional activities, email surveys, communities and forums, and customer support interactions. 
  • All marketing and support functions should be customer-focused. They should be a result of data translated into action points, filled with avenues for customers to connect with the brand, even before they make their first purchase. 
  • CX is not an event or phenomenon, it is a process that keeps evolving and improving over time.
  • Customers are delighted when you offer them solutions, over and above products or services.. Which is why the offering from a brand to a consumer is spread over time and across multiple channels.
  • Data that drives CX could be in real-time, but often action points are  implemented in hindsight. The real answer to keeping in tune with customers is to invest in predictive analysis to truly stay ahead.   
  • Companies may require a team of CX experts whose sole job is to ensure that CX is delivered according to true data and insights. This specialized team needs to deeply understand which findings are relevant and how best to use them across the touch points and journey. In 2022, we also have CX coaches you can hire to give you a detailed report on where your organization is lacking. 
  • Apart from focusing on customers, businesses should be regularly talking to their employees and checking whether superior EX is being delivered by the organization. Like CX, EX is also about experience but related to company employees. Various leading studies, including Mc Kinsey’s, have found that delivering positive CX can only happen once employees are happy and satisfied. For this, employee engagement programs, skill training and motivational sessions are rated the most effective.

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  • Leaders and executives of a company should be invested in delivering CX. They should be shown customer data, included in planning and given responsibility via immersion programs and journey maps related to the customer.

To sum up our learnings, we can safely say that custom data across various touchpoints is what will guide us now and in the future. However, to be on top of your game, start predicting and act proactively instead of as a delayed reaction! At the same time, pay attention to your employees and get them involved. Make CX a part of the company culture and vision. 

Lastly, businesses often forget customers once sales are made. But a sound after sales and customer support program, will ensure that they come back. 

If you need help with your CX or customer support, do call us for a personalized consultation. 

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