Yes! So you got the order, and the Client is yours. Great news indeed!

Now comes the actual action.

Imagine if you come across an Organisation which caters to all your needs and fulfill all the deliverables at the expected timeframe without causing any kind of hassle for you.

How would you feel?

Ecstatic, Relaxed isn’t it?

Then just be ready to hear about Syrow, which is a team of professionals who are passionate about 24/7 Customer Service. Not only this, but it provides to all your requirements with great ease.

Let’s understand the working of SYROW.

Syrow takes all kinds of processes be it Chat, Calls or Emails, and available round-the-clock without any breaks including weekends and holidays.

A call, chat or email can be at early morning or late evening, Syrow team is there to answer with professional touch. Syrow promises on high quality and best performance.

Payment – Syrow works on pay-as-you-go prepaid model, with monthly standard packages for its uninterrupted service.

For calls, they calculate per minute basis and for chats & emails, they calculate as per the total time spent on them. To make things easier for clients, they have come up with different packages based on daily average usage.

Syrow works on the Prepaid model, which implies that the payment has to be made in advance towards the process start.

Let’s understand what all is included in the package:

Syrow takes into account the cost towards the following:

  • Infrastructure
  • Technology
  • Telecom Charges
  • Portal Access
  • Trainer
  • Quality Analyst
  • HR
  • Staff
  • Shared Client Relationship Manager

Assigning a Client Relationship Manager – Once the payment is received, then very crucial step of assigning a shared Client Relationship Manager happens. Once the Client Relationship Manager takes charge, he starts his role by coordinating with the Client for the knowledge transfer. He is the key person for all interactions as well putting in place the process documentation, call transcripts, all kinds of FAQs, and Escalation matrix.

Once the knowledge transfer is complete, the next step is internal training. The billing will start from internal training date. Syrow takes care that only qualified and competent staff is taken onboard for the process. So, you are saved from the hassle of recruiting the staff for the processes. Isn’t this a great relief?


Going Live – Now comes the next big step and that is taking process live. Our Client Relationship Manager steps in and trains the complete staff to prepare them to go live. It is not only the theoretical training but also on the job training is provided.

Once the staff is all set to go live, which happens on agreed date, the tech team will coordinate with Client and set all call transfers. From the time Knowledge Transfer made to Going Live, it takes around 24 to 48 hours.

Of course, Syrow understands that regular update is right of every Client so provisions of Weekly Client Calls are made.

Well, weekly calls are not the only way through which the Client can be updated about the status of their processes. Syrow is very active in updating regular dashboards. Clients also get easy access to the recorded calls as well. Syrow also shares the chat and email transcripts in real-time on their portal.

As we understand that we are in a fast moving profession, so it becomes all the more important to keep updated on the latest changes in the processes if any. This will also be taken care by the Client Relationship Manager as point of contact. The changes will be duly imparted to the working team of the process.

Syrow is very particular about the quality of the work, so all the processes are quality compliant. Staff is being trained to keep up with the quality standards.

Syrow assures 92% service level of the calls. Means, out of 100 calls up to 8 calls may drop but those missed calls will be called back within 15 minutes. It also emphasizes on achieving the desired turnaround time (TAT) for the deliverables.

Still not able to decide, then let’s go through the highlights of Syrow and help you decide:

24/7 Service – They provide round the clock service to each and every Client. Be it Sunday or any holiday or late night, they are always ready to give impeccable service. They always have back-ups resources. They believe that the show must go on.

Excellent Communication – All the team-members possess excellent communication skills in English as well in Hindi and other regional languages.

Multilingual Service – Syrow is well prepared to take care of this aspect of Clients, which not many can offer. It has staff, who are proficient in multiple languages.

Transparency – This one quality of Syrow will fascinate you the most. It completely believes in transparency and it shows in its work also through the dashboards, recorded calls which are available to the Client in real-time. Last but not the least, weekly Client calls are scheduled to keep them updated about the latest status.

Excellent Customer Service – Customer Service rules the corporate world. It is of utmost importance. You cannot agree less on this. The better the Customer Service, the more satisfied and loyal Customer base will build. Syrow works on this vision completely and the long list of Clients is the proof of that.

After going through above pointers, I am sure it will be easier for you to decide that Syrow is an apt name to work with.

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