We need not explain to you the importance of sound marketing strategies in running a successful new business. 

You’re a Startup enterprise in today’s digital world and you are aware of the importance of marketing and the right tools. But what is more important is knowing how to implement innovative strategies that use these tools effectively.  

Marketing ideas that are creative, inclusive and result in conversion is what you need.

Here are 5 exciting marketing ideas or strategies to help your business shine:

1) Get Attached To A Social Cause

Identify a cause that works together with your brand and launch with it. These are good times for showing your giving, caring and supporting sides. Some individuals and groups need your help, and no one minds if you’re doing it just for the publicity! 

Donate a percentage to a fund from every purchase or organise an online contest, the winner of which gets to donate to a good cause. This is an excellent way for people to get to know you and visit your website and social media pages. It also sets your goodwill in the right direction right from the beginning. 

2) Make a Viral Explainer Video

Almost every product or service requires basic training or education for maximum usage benefits. You just need to find the right angle. Create a catchy explainer video for your business that’s fresh and topical—household cleaning products, appliances, food and beverage, mobile apps, health-based products, and hotels. Virtually any business can benefit from an educational explainer video. Even B2C companies are finding results with video marketing.

Make it eye-catching, funny, entertaining, shocking, enlightening… but keep it simple and under 90 seconds! Promote the video via Facebook ads, YouTube or a Direct Emailing Campaign that draws in visitors and highlights your brand. 

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3) Launch a Paid Search Advertising Campaign

As a new business, you may not have the time or resources to build a customer base via organic growth. This is why many Startups opt for Paid Search Engine Ads that target specific audiences on your behalf and direct them to you via Google, Bing and Google Adwords. 

Register for a cost-per-click program that ensures you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad. This is an affordable price model for most new business owners. Your job then is just to create keyword-rich, targeted ads that make your customers understand exactly what you are offering. What makes the paid search ads process so rewarding is that when a customer is ready to purchase, he or she approaches you. You are not required to chase customers and pull them in! 

4) Try a Motivating Referral Program 

If you’ve managed to attract a small but satisfied customer base in your initial phases and are looking to increase, do this! Give them a special offer or discount on their next purchase if they refer you to a new customer. Each time, they refer, they get more. Then start a loyalty program for those who refer you the most. Give this group unique privilege cards and a few free services. 

Referral programs build the loyalty of current customers while adding new ones. Announce the program through a targeted campaign that is meant only your customers via personalised emails, app notifications or personalised Whatsapp messages with a special code.  

Referral programs work well within groups such as mothers, gamers, fitness enthusiasts, chefs etc. They form the basis of a good business strategy for new businesses. 

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5) Announce Introductory Giveaways and Discounts

Free stuff always works! It’s about giving your customers more than they expect. You can begin with free delivery, no cost for special packaging, a complimentary accessory or introductory discounts. 

Some businesses also offer free online tips, hacks or CDs to their customers.

Think about what would make your customer even happier after receiving your product or service. Then check the feasibility of offering some of it for free! That will be your giveaway. 

Apart from these, there are a host of innovative promotional ideas you can implement. Brainstorm with your marketing team or agency and explore the world of innovative Digital Marketing. Due to the nature of the internet, marketing efforts are no longer based on a hunch or general idea. They can be tailored according to analytics, focus on target customers and draw them in when they’re ready to buy. This makes Digital Marketing more effective and economical than traditional advertising and marketing. 

So, get creative and watch the positive business results!

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