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Marketing for your Startup enterprise has never been easier!

The Digital Marketing route is much more reliable, economical and efficient than any traditional mode. And with social media platforms assuming prominence in business advertising, things are even more streamlined.

The top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora or Instagram seem really popular and they definitely are. There are almost 350 million Facebook users in India. They span across socio-economic brackets, age groups and geographic locations.

Plus promoting your business via any of these tools is highly effective not only because of their global presence but also because each one, has a massive user base. But, how does one choose the right social media tool kit for a new business if they all seem so impressive?


Here are some easy-to-follow steps:

1) Understand Each Social Media Platform

Though you may outsource your social media marketing activities, every business owner should have a basic understanding of the top social media platforms. It is a good piece of knowledge to have in today’s day and age.

Just as a top line, the younger platforms include Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest due to majority of youth users and their preference for visual content. Facebook works on community building initiatives and is effective in targeting local customers. LinkedIn works well for B2B companies while YouTube’s video based marketing works for everyone.

Research the ones that appeal to you so you can understand the kind of content you will need to create.

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2) Define Your Marketing Goals

Knowing your exact marketing goals will enable to choose the right avenues and platforms. If you wish to educate audiences you may opt of video tutorials via YouTube. Creating brand awareness can be achieved via Facebook and Instagram advertising. Twitter, Facebook or LInkedIn are capable of driving maximum traffic to your website, depending on your industry. They are also effective in generating leads.

If creating communities is your goal, then it’s Linkedin for B2B and Facebook for B2C.

The right combination of social media tools and various forms of content will help achieve your marketing goals. However remember to tailor your content according to the social media platform on which you are posting or advertising. Maintain the same key messages across platforms but project them in different ways.

3) Locate Your Audiences

First, create a profile of your ideal target audience. Answer the vital questions on age, gender, education and profession, interests. Locate your target audience by conducting regular surveys or analyzing the major users on each platform. Then study, how your audience acts on each platform. 

Cover individual pages and group pages such as Facebook groups. Google analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Followers Dashboards are handy audience location tools. Demographics offer perfect insight while online behaviour will give you a proper direction for all your social media content. You can also add an email or market research campaign to locate and understand your target audience better.

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4) Analyze Your Competition

Another way to pick the right social media tools is by analyzing what your competitors are doing. This includes which platforms they are posting and advertising on.

Are any of your competitors acting as social influencers and what kind of people are following them or sharing their posts? A competitive analysis report is a useful tool when devising a social media strategy, picking the tools and designing content.

Hence, it’s important to know which social media platforms are going to work best for your brands. Just because everyone creates Insta accounts, it does not mean that you need to! Always check what your competitors are doing and what’s giving them the most gaining traction. Focused efforts via select social media tools will get you quicker and better results.

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