GenZ workers are the ones who were born between 1995 and 2015. Today, there are between 5 and 25 years of age. They form the new brigade of current and future professionals that companies need to get familiar with.

Luckily, many business or work trends prevalent in the current market are completely in tune with the GenZ workers. Some have been triggered by them while others are completely situational. Remote working is one such trend that is gaining immense popularity. The main reason is of course, the inability for people to travel to work during the global lockdown phases. But another facilitating factor is the GenZ workers who prefer to work remotely.

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Let’s find out which qualities this generation like about the remote working trend:

1) Freedom to Operate Independently

If there’s one thing that the GenZ can do, then it’s the ability to work independently. They don’t require constant hand-holding or supervision. Once tasks are assigned, they will perform them accordingly or get back with questions.

GenZ professionals are also more efficient as they don’t dwell on things that are not working or compromise on quality. They do or move on!

2) Work-Life Balance

Another important benefit that remote working has given us which is also the GenZ preference is a balanced work and life routine. Remote working offers us more time to spend on personal and leisure activities.

Exercise, yoga, meditation and spending time with the family is more common among the GenZ tribe. Many of us can learn from this as remote working becomes the norm.

3) Technology Tools

All remote working jobs anywhere in the world need to be supported with the latest technology tools. GenZ workers find it a breeze to operate and communicate via online mechanisms. From cloud storage platforms, to time management, feedback and teamwork tools, technology covers them all. They ease working remotely and no one is more comfortable with tech than Gen Z, maybe the Millennials!

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4) Learning Opportunities

One highly positive quality of GenZ workers is their eagerness to learn more. With regard to remote working, this can occur on two levels. One is that they will find more time to undertake online part-time courses over the weekend or after work. Since the Gen Z like to receive feedback and there are so many online tools to support this, it leads to a more conducive work relationship with them.

Most Gen Z workers depend on a feedback mechanism to get out their best. They expect their managers and bosses to tell them when they’ve done a good job or where they can improve. In turn, they will also communicate how they are feeling and what they need. This can lead to a fruitful union.

In the remote working set-up, apart from happiness meters and employee surveys, regular meetings over Zoom, GoogleMeet or Microsoft Teams, are preferred by Gen Z.

5) Contract Work

A lot of remote working opportunities are project or contract-based. To the Gen Z, they are ‘gigs’ and work better in their lives. Long – term commitments in 9 to 5 jobs is something the Gen Z stay away from.

Remote working also allows to handle more than one gig at a time. This brings variety and excitement and cuts through the mundane.

GenZ workers are also highly creative and some even innovative. They are problem solvers, with a twist. But most of them are independent thinkers and workers which love remote working jobs.

If you’re hiring for remote working posts, then target Gen Z workers who will shine in those positions better than most Gen X or Gen Y professionals!


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